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DATE:    1978 

TIME:     12 - Midnight 

LOCATION:   Autuaga County, Alabama 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    This story is second hand but the encounter is quite incredible so I will repeat the story, to the letter. The man who experienced this we will call "Stan" - Stan was with about ten of his friends - 5 girls and 5 boys - on a Pratville Alabama Saturday night - Stan was 19 years old as was the rest of the group respectively. Like most Alabama red necks, Stan and his friends had the stereotypical jacked up trucks [serving absolutely no purpose except to say "hey look at me, I am in a jacked up 4 by 4, yeeee haw!!!]- but in this case these trucks did play a role - Stan and his friends had grown weary of the local police busting in on their drinking parties so the group found a small clearing with a muddy dirt road that led back into the woods - these jacked up trucks were used to 'rut out' the roads so that no police vehicle could even think about trying to go back into the area - hence, Stan and his under aged friends could drink to their hearts content without fear of police interference. On this particular occasion the group had already arrived and was building a fire - a small fire had been started and the guys were scattered into the fringe of the woods looking for more wood to burn while the ladies sat around the small fire sipping on a brewski. All at once Stan and the group were alarmed by a scream that echoed through the woods like an explosion - Stan described the scream he heard "it sounded like a woman being screaming and being strangled into a microphone"! The first scream caught most of the group by surprise - Stan and his friends stood with the "deer in the headlights", look wondering what the hell they had just heard. One of the girls asked "guys, what was that"? As Stan began to speak a word of reassurance another scream was launched into the clearing that "rattled my lungs" - followed by "what sounded as I can best describe as a bulldozer coming through the woods without an engine running", stated Stan. Limbs were cracking that sounded like whole trees being snapped apart at the root - everyone in the group knew without spoken word that it was 'time to go'! Everyone leapt into the closest truck and screamed at the driver "go, go, go"!!!!! Stan jumped into the bed of the last truck as did another guy, Derrick. Stan in his fear climbed all the way up on the top of the cab and was holding onto the roll bar/ KC lights bar for dear life. As the truck tore out of the clearing it was total chaos - Stan looked towards the rear of the truck and could see a hairy arm reaching over into the bed of the truck where Derrick was laying on his side spinning round and round with fear screams pouring out - as Derrick screamed the arm continued to grasp over the side of the truck bed - Stan stated that the hair looked like a hogs hair, very coarse - reddish brown looking - the hand, Stan described, looked like Wilt Chamberlins because the freaking' fingers and hand were so huge! Stan said the pursuit continued as did the screams for about fifty yards or so then it just stopped. Stan and the group drove immediately to the Prattville police dept. {can you say irony?} - the police of course laughed the kids out of the station. And Derrick, the guy who was in the truck bed spinning round as the creature reached for him?? - Derrick messed his pants....both ways, out of fear. Another notable - this truck that the creature was grasping into the bed was jacked up - the truck bumper was approximately 7 feet off the ground - so, how large must the creature have been to run beside the truck and reach over the side? 10, 12 feet??? Huge no less. My friend Stan, before this incident was an avid camper and hunter spending any and all spare time in the woods - from that night to today, Stan will not set foot in the woods, period.

Additional things: A friend of Stan's did not believe the story when it was told and braved the woods to go out and see just what was out there in the Prattville, Alabama woods. The guy took a friend and they ventured out one Saturday night to the clearing. They sat for about fifteen minutes when all of the sudden a guttural scream of gigantic proportions was heard. They were so terrified that they threw the truck in reverse and slammed into a tree breaking the back axle - therefore, one of the two had to get out and lock in the hubs so they could get outta there [remember, this is the seventies, before one touch four wheel drive] - they made it outta there but not without the scare of their lives. 

Activities of Witness:   The group was beginning to have a bonfire/ party but keep in mind the drinking just started so the group of people were not under the influence, yet...  

Description of Creature:  Only the mid/upper torso and arms were seen but it was described and brownish red with a coarse appearance to the hair - the hand was massive - only comparable to the great Wilt Chamberlins hands. 

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