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DATE:    May 25, 1998

TIME:     10:30 to 11:00 pm

LOCATION:   Chilton County, Alabama

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    I was sitting outside when I heard a high pitched scream unlike anything I have ever heard before, and I have spent a great deal of time in the woods in my lifetime. After the first scream, 10-15 seconds later I heard it again, 300-500 yards from the area where I heard the first scream, this occurred a third time of approximately the same distance.

The next day I asked my neighbors if they had heard it as well and they had. My hair stood up on my neck when I heard it. All my neighbors felt the same fear. But none of us saw the creature.  In addition, in about September of the same year my wife and son were
looking out the back door one night and saw backlit by a street light what appeared to be a man crossing Co Rd x headed east, but it had huge hands, eerily long fingers hanging to its knees. The hands looked like something out of a horror film she said. When it saw them, it walked much faster and disappeared into the woods. It made no sound.

About one month later a UPS delivery man came to my house and asked me if I had seen anything strange around my house. He had seen a creature that stood upright and walked like a man, covered in long, black hair, about 8 ft tall moving quickly across Co Rd x into woods. He did not hear any kind of sound, and it did not turn and look at him. Also in August of the same year, my wife and myself found footprints by one of our horse barns. The prints were about 12 inches long, about 5 inches wide, had two claw marks at the rear (like a raptor dinosaur would make), it had five toes with long claws at the front, very much like a bear would make, and it made marks on the inside much like a horse frog would do, the frogs could have actually been from my horses, with the other foot print laid over it.

Activities of Witness:   Various

Description of Creature:  No creature observed with the screams in May. One creature observed a month later by UPS delivery man, described as about 8 ft tall, long black hair and was moving fast.  A creature observed by wife and son in September, it was a dark night, Co Rd x was lit by backlight from a street light. She saw it as well. My wife describes it as tall but not bulky as an ape would be. No details other than the hands could be seen as it was too dark. The street light shining on the road behind where the creature crossed was what allowed them to see what they saw. She also says, everything went silent until a little while afterwards, no bugs, or birds.
Shortly after, about the time the creature would have been behind the neighbors dogs started raising a ruckus, it continued on down to the creek. Saw what looked like a man crossing the road, except for it had huge hands and very long fingers that hung to its knees.

Other Notes:   Neighbors on the hill complained for years that they heard eerie screams and claim to have once seen in these same woods what appeared to be a huge prehistoric bird that moved very fast. From 1983 through the last year we lived there animals in the neighborhood were mutilated. ANimals from pheasants to goats. We had one horse to die, it had broke its neck running. This horse only ran for one thing, when roping cattle. Even the local bears, coyote, bobcats or fox didn't spook that animal.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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