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DATE:         1982 or 1983

TIME:           Winter months of either 1982 or 1983

LOCATION:  Near Enterprise, Coffee Co. Alabama

TERRAIN:     Wooded and I'm sure with farmland about.

OBSERVED:    This was realted to me by a good friend whom had heard it from one of the people involved.

 A family lived out in the "sticks" in a old large wood home with a large porch close to Enterprise and a few miles from Chancelor. These peole had left town for a weekend. Upon their return they discovered that several of the wood planks making up the deck of the porch had broken into in several places along the porch, as if something heavy had fallen through or cracked them as it walked. (I assume the porch was off the ground at the average height of about 3 to 4 feet). The porch had high wood columns along it the support that part of the roof above the porch. The owners of the home also discovered that about some of the wood columns at a height of about 9 to 10 feet were deep scratch marks as if something had clawed them. From what I was told the owners were not too sure what to make of all that was found.

This was all I was told. I do not know what the family did afterword if they moved out or stayed.

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Activities of Witness: Family had gone on vacation/found damage when they arrived back home.

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