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DATE:    12/20/90

TIME:     9:00 am

LOCATION:   Alabama, Greene County

TERRAIN:    Open field with slight cut over around perimeter

OBSERVED:    I have been a long time believer in the existence of Bigfoot. This story is not fantastic compared to some of the stories I have read on your sight, yet it is probably similar to many hunters experiences.

I have hunted all my life and I was deer hunting in late December with my father. My dad had dropped me off and gone on to his stand well before first light. I was in a ladder stand for the most part of the morning (my stand overlooked a large field -approx. 1000 yards- with cut over surrounding the perimeter) without sighting any deer (later I discovered why). Becoming frustrated around 8:30 am I climbed down to walk the perimeter of the field, mostly to relieve frustration. I had walked about five minutes when I approached a 'right turn' off of the field that led to an green field strip with patchy woods in the center - the field was supplemental and wasn't very big, mostly used by bow hunters who would set up in the center wood strip and try for deer grazing on the green field. As I approached the entrance I was in somewhat of a daze and just enjoying being in nature - the thought of stealthily moving through the field had long since left and I was basically just passing time until my father picked me up to eat lunch.

Anyhow, as the great hunter came to the entrance with my 30-06 slung over my right shoulder I was stunned by the sudden crashing to my right out of the center of the field heading to the deeper woods - away from me. Now, I have hunted for years and have become quite adept at spotting a deer's tail or the flashes of movement as they escape. This time I saw nothing of the sort. The exit was abrupt and brash. I have never, ever heard something so loud crashing through the woods. And I have many times heard and seen large bucks and large groups of deer bursting out of an area to escape. This was nothing of the sort. This...thing (for lack of a better term), sounded like a freight train crashing through the woods. I could see the foliage shaking as the creature thrust itself through the thick undergrowth. This type of brush would have taken me at least fifteen minutes to maneuver yet this animal was gone in about five seconds. The only thing I recall seeing was 'black'. I know that sounds obtuse but I couldn't get a clear view due to the thick brush and the speed with which this creature moved. It was gone before I had my rifle shouldered, it was that fast! I stood there listening as this creature fled on foot.. not the sound I have heard over and over of a deer bounding this was a pounding of incredible proportions. The only thing that compares to it was the pounding of my heart - as I stood there, dumbfounded!.!

This was not a deer, it was not a panther, it was not a bear -in Alabama? (not) it was - Huge, faster than an NFL receiver and twice as big as a lineman. What it was I can only guess. I was to frightened to look for prints as I was interested in only vacating the area as the thought of this 'thing' returning was more than motivation. I am only surprised by the fact that 'it' was afraid of my presence - by the way this creature exited it could have snapped me like a twig.

After this incident I began to recall other times where I would hear what I thought was a deer approaching..approaching and getting to a point where I couldn't understand why I hadn't seen anything - and then...silence...utter silence...never hearing anything else but the eventual return of the birds and other creatures of the forest as they chanced an appearance. At the time I would discount these incidents as strange but not worth contemplation - but after this encounter all those times and many more returned for questioning. All those tree cracks and bird calls, those unidentified flashes and smells? I also began to notice the signs of markers. All the things became more evident after my experience with...something.

One last note..before my friend made his massive escape I recall there being nothing in way of birds, no anything other than my footsteps. This may not be an actual encounter but it did make me realize that these creatures are out there - and in areas we don't think they are.

Activities of Witness:   Hunting a large field/cut over.

Description of Creature:  Black and massive. That's all I can offer - I really didn't see it clearly enough to begin a description.

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes or Comments:
When contacted the witness stated that their encounter wasn't a dandy like some they had  read on our site, but it was a real encounter and very erie.

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