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DATE:    02/23/13

TIME:     3:30 am

LOCATION:   Lawrence County, Alabama

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    Me and my husband were sitting outside smoking when we heard a deep growl like noise that scared us to death and we went inside and my husband went back outside with a flashlight and said there was something huge out there and then started running towards the house and said it sounded like something really big running in the woods towards him we came to the conclusion it was to the left of our pasture by the creek. We do not have bears of any other big animals around here so Bigfoot is the only thing we could think of it could be.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Couldn't get a good look because it was really dark and it was running around quickly.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:   We were just sitting outside smoking a cigarette and talking.


HISTORICAL OR NEIGHBORING AREAS:  When I used to live with my father about five minutes down the road our grandfather used to always tell us about the "white thing" or in other words "albino Bigfoot" I myself never seen or heard it, but almost everyone of my aunts and uncles including my father have said they have either seen or heard it and it scared them to death!

ADDITIONAL NOTES AND-OR FOLLOW-UP COMMENTS Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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