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DATE:    1975 

TIME:     PM 

LOCATION:   Marshall County, Alabama 

TERRAIN:    Mountains 

OBSERVED:    Back around 1975 or 1976 when I was a kid, I was living with my mother in Marshall County AL when one evening my aunt and two cousins showed up at our door.  I distinctly remember the fear that was in my aunts voice as she was telling my mom that she and the kids had to leave their home because of something that would scream or make loud noises out behind their home in a field late at night.  Seems like I recall my aunt saying she looked out the window and saw whatever it was that was making the noise, but was sure it wasn't a man.  I remember my mom asking her the typical things like, if she was joking or was she having a trick played on her.  As a kid and at that time especially, I had no knowledge of what a bigfoot was, but I do remember their fear that night.  Again, this is from the memory of a kid and not the actual people it happened to.  Through the years not much has been spoken about it but when it has, the story is the same.  I will add more in the additional things observed!

Additional things: Like I said, I was a kid and I was more excited about my cousins coming to stay the night than I was hearing about a screaming creature so many things probably were said that I never heard.  One thing that always stuck in my mind was my cousin showing me where she had got cut on the hand and saying "that thing" did it.  One day in school several years later, we both had ended up at the nurses office at the same time and as the nurse was attending to her needs, the school nurse looked down at her hand and noticed the large scar on it.  When asked about it, my cousin didn't say much, but as we both were leaving the nurse, I told my cousin that I had forgot about the scar and that I wanted to know how she had gotten it.  She told me that one evening she was playing with her dog on the front porch when she noticed that the two horses they had in the field next to their house were acting strange and running about.  She said that they were under a light that was attached to the barn so she had a good visual of the horses plus the barn was near the road so there may have been other lighting (my assumption).  Suddenly, something ran across the road, jumped the pasture fence and took a swinging swipe with its arm at a horse as it passed by.  She said she saw what appeared to be a bear (meaning hairy) like thing but was running like a man would run.  It was then that she cut a deep gash in her hand on the door frame as she went running inside the house.  Shortly after was when the screaming started in the field behind their house.  Not sure how long all this lasted totally, maybe a few times.  I just remember their fear.  

Additional Info:    N/A

Activities of Witness:   Playing with dog 

Description of Creature:  Hairy type creature running like a man according to eyewitness.

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    A family member recently as of 2009 had a client tell him that one morning on their way to work they had seen what they thought was a bear near the side of the road in the wood line.  Only problem was, it was walking/running on two legs.

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