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DATE:    September 1, 1982 

TIME:     8:00 PM 

LOCATION:   Morgan County, Alabama 

TERRAIN:    Wooded Creek Bottom bordered by small farms/scattered houses/small fields 

OBSERVED:    This was vocalization encounter. Exact date and time are approx. It was early fall in the early 1980s. Approximately 2 hr. after sunset. I and a friend was accompanying another friend and his 2 hounds. We were in a pickup truck. We had come down to the site to turn the dogs loose and listen to them run and possibly tree something. We turned the dogs out of the pickup, cracked open a beer, our first, not intoxicated. We started small talk. Within 5 min we heard strange grunting sound off in the distance, from up the creek. Sounded pretty far away, at least over 100 yd., loud enough for us to notice, but fairly soft. We made comments about it as we had never heard anything quite like it and was unsure what it was. The sounds repeated several times approximately 30 sec apart, then stopped. We went on conversing for approximately another couple of min. and all of a sudden, we heard the same sound coming directly from the bushes beside the truck, except extremely loud. No one said anything, just kinda looked at each other with drooped jaws. Then here came the dogs running up and they jumped in the back of the pickup! Without saying a word, we were in that truck and out of there in 2 shakes. We got back to my friends house, discussed what we heard, but we could never convince ourselves what it was. We were all country boys, spent a lotta time in the woods. We'd heard bobcats, coyotes, and all kinds of critters but nothing like that. Bears are very uncommon in those parts. Maybe a stray juvenile wanders through every 5-10 yr. or so by reports. The weirdest thing, other than the quality of the grunts, was the fact that whatever it was covered so much ground through thick bottoms so quickly and noislessly.

Activities of Witness:   Just letting the dogs run and idling away an early fall night. 

Description of Creature:  The sound was unlike anything I've ever heard before or since. I guess best described as rhythmic grunts. We thought it might be someone w/a bullroarer device, but no one knew we were there and how did they get so close w/o a sound? A few years afterward, I brought up the experience w/o of the guys and he said "dang, you remember that too? I thought I dreamed it. Then we went to the guy with the dogs and he denied any memory of it. But me an the other guy absolutely remembered, and our recollections matched exactly.

Other Notes:    Hunted, fished, camped, and hiked all my life. This is the only thing I've ever experienced I can't explain.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    One acquaintance who lived in the area cl aims to have seen a "monkey" type creature in the area, approximately 3-4 ft tall foraging along the creek bank. He said he was 11 or 12 yr. old at the time, this would have been several years prior to my experience. I was told of this 2-3 yr. after my experience.

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