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DATE: 12/30/88

TIME: Between midnight and three A.M

LOCATION:   Springville, Alabama St. Clair county


OBSERVED:  The creature was seen from about 20 yards away and heard at about 50 yards.  We were looking for a old lake in the woods, since it was before new years we were shooting off fire works.  As we crossed a bobwire fence a huge white figure jumps up on two legs and takes off runing,  Well of course it scares us to death and we run the other way.  We stop about fifty yards away and hear it start screaming, its howls sound like a baby crying that transform into a woman screaming in pain. We decide it is time to go back to camp.  As we walk we hear crashing footsteps on the hills above us, as it follows us back. Frightened by this we begin to throw some fireworks at it.  The footsteps stop for a time but it still continues to follow us.  Before reaching camp we had to walk behind some houses to get to the camp trail.   The owners dogs began barking at our intrusion.  Later after getting to camp and laughing at what happened we heard the dogs begin to bark again.  Whatever it was, was still on our trail and was coming to our campsite.   Needless to say we packed up and went home that night.

Description of Creature:  It was between 5 and a half foot and 6 and a half foot tall, with bright white hair covering its body.

Activities of Witness: Looking for an old lake in the woods.

Other Notes:        Their have been lots of occurrences in the area.   That area of woods run over the mountain for miles,and if something that large were out there that is where it would live.  An old hermit claims to have seen it looking though his windows, and some hunters once caught something on ther spotlight that looked like a white gorilla.

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