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Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On May 3, 2005

DATE:    1984

TIME:     6:00

LOCATION:   Franklin County, Arkansas

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:  My Cousin, and I were going to visit another one of our cousins who lived in Fouke Ar. we were in a 67 nova, and my cousin always kept a few water  jugs in the back b/c his car heats up sometimes.  We were young teenager 16-17 thought we knew all..
Well, his car starts to heat up.  We pull over the side of the road, and turn then car off to let it cool (real smart) well we grabbed our ice chest w/goodies and walked off the hwy. about 30 ids. We were underage, and didn't want to get seen by any cops.
Fifteen minutes in drinking our beers.  We hear this like 2-3 grunts, then this what starts out real low to a super high shrill SCREAM!! We heard 3 screams.  there was a wood line about 100 yds. and we could
hear the walk, and the breaking of brush!
My hair was totally standing on end! i asked my cousin hey! did you hear that?  said it 3 times.  Then i looked back my cousin was already in the car w/the cooler waving for me to get my A** in the car.  I jumped in the car, and he goes do you have the keys? haha! I go HELL NOOO!!  So i run back get the keys i stop to look one more for a few sec. then just got in the car.
Today I'm 39 Union Plumber in Cal. I miss my home of Depew Ok. Where i was raised.  me, and my father were BIG time hunters, as i still am w/ my 14 yr. old son.  I've hunted Bear, Elk, Pig, you name it! I've hunted the deep fork river all by myself from the age of 14-19 until we moved to cal, all my friends would not go down that deep in the woods b/c of all the tall tales, and that the there were people who did live deep in the woods there, even came across a few of them.  killed swamp rabbit bobcats..  heard all kids of noise.  But, still as of  today i have never heard a noise like that, and a noise that could spook me like such.  I've always wished today I would have ran in the woods to see what it really was.  I guess my cousin really kinda kept me from going in.

Activities of Witness:   Sitting off the side of highway, waiting on vehicle to cool off.

Description of Creature:  N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report other than to confirm it was a legitimate report.

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