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Reported by: Confidential

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DATE:    2000-2003

TIME:     Various events over the past 3 year period

LOCATION:   Arkansas, Garland County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    This is some of my reports of about a three year period. My first encounter was when I was scouting for turkey signs along a bluff above the river. I stopped to listen and watch, when I heard rocks being thrown into the river off of the opposite bluff. I stood up and heard a loud growl scream. I got out of there. When I looked into it and started researching it and discovered it was possibly bigfoot, I have been researching ever since.
I have experienced many vocals in this area and on lake xxxxxxxxx. One night I was camped out on the river bow fishing in early spring with a friend. At 2:00 we heard a loud shrill yell, this same noise continued through out the night.

One night I was being lazy and needed to take out the trash, but being lazy I through it on top of the vehicle (dont know if that helped to draw the creature) Any way i went to bed and my dog wanted out at about 3pm. I got up let him out. About 15 min later in the front room he freaked out. Jumped up started barking and growling and suddenly shut up and ran in and got in my bed shaking. I thought maybe someone was trying to break in. I grabbed my auto .270 and went up there. Out the window right at the window I saw what at first I thought was a human. I jacked a shell in my gun and the creature just kept looking moving its head side to side . From inside there was a glare. I started trying to peer out the window and I could see long shaggy hair.  Then it jumped up suddenly and let out a deep growl and darted for the hill side.  That was my only actual sighting. Since i live in the woods I research almost every day.

Activities of Witness:   Bow fishing, Scouting, sleeping and investigating the bf phenomena.

Description of Creature:  Approx. 7 feet in height long brown dark colored hair.

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact on 01/11/04 the witness had this to add.

Today me and my friend went out in a field about 300 yds from the river. We started hearing something in the river walking. then we heard the loud splashes like rocks being thrown into the river this went on for about 3 min then it quit and the creature moved down the bank and the rock throwing began again. This was at night, about 6:00 pm. After the first splash we heard what sounded like a crane being killed. It was a loud horrible squalling/screaming. Not the typical errh a crane makes. I  also know these splashes weren't made by a beaver, I hunt alot.  This was totally different. Then there was another splash and the same noise.  I believe it was a crane, but not sure seeing as how these creatures seem to have such a large variety of vocals. the splashes went on for about another min. About 11 splashes in all. then it stopped. We stayed for approx. 30 min later and heard nothing ,more. I wasn't interested in finding out what it was with no light. Note i did have my .270 and my buddy had a pump 12. And to be honest that walk home was looking pretty long. I was beginning to get a little spooked. so we left. I cant say for sure what all the commotion was about because i didn't see it.

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