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DATE:    2012 

TIME:     N/A 

LOCATION:   Izard County, Arkansas 

TERRAIN:    Wooded, rocky with mountain bluffs, close to river

OBSERVED:    This started in 2010 when we first bought a cabin close to White river. There were other homes close but spread out mostly. My husband and I were sitting on the front deck in the evening just as it was getting dark, probably October and evenings beginning to get cool. A bluff covered in trees and the ground was rocky until you got to our property/yard was to the left of the property. As we were talking and enjoying the evening I heard a low but guttural growl come from the direction of the trees at that end of the property where it begin to be more trees, maybe 75 yards from where we sat. I ask my husband if he heard it and he said it was probably just a dog, maybe a coyote. So I dismissed it but it gave me a funny feeling. Afterwards for the couple of years we were there we would notice the dogs barking and getting stirred up then they would leave and we wouldn't see them for 2-3 days. Several times at night we would hear like someone was walking slow (heavy) on the deck but each time we would go out and look we wouldn't see anyone or anything. It was also very dark at night where we were eventually we installed a motion sensor flood light to that side of the house. After doing that  then there were several times there would be a loud bang or something hitting different sides of the house that sometimes it would be so loud it would wake us up, you could feel it too. Many times the dogs would get spooked and refuse to go outside, sometimes stopping at the door and then backing up to stay in. Couple of times we would notice a smell that ranged from raw sewage to something dead, but again we never found or saw anything. However one evening I was at the kitchen sink and felt I was being watched, think it was around 5-6pm in the evening and I looked the direction of the trees and a small patch of trees looked more dense than usual, I moved from the sink to the back door to try and get a better look and the same patch was now again very thin, almost like something had been there but then moved. In 2010 our two granddaughters came and stayed some for the summer, one night we all sat on our sofa and was watching one of their movies and all three of us heard a definite tap, tap, tap on the glass part of the back door that led out to the deck.  One of our granddaughters got scared and wanted to know who It was and it scared me too as it was too late that any of the neighbors would go to the back door rather than the front door but I tried to act calm and told them it was probably just one of the neighbors and went and looked through the blinds…I never saw anything. Late summer of 2012 our two granddaughters were visiting again then were 5 ½ and 4 ½ years old. They love playing outside and as it was becoming evening just a the sun starts to set with that orange glow, our oldest granddaughter bolted in the back door hollering for me to come see this ‘big dog’! I ran outside to see and found nothing but both girls were emphatic about this huge dog that they said was crouched on the other side of my vehicle at the back of the house. We had taught them anytime a strange dog comes around to come get one of us just in case… so it wouldn’t harm or bite them. They knew and were used to all the neighbor’s dogs and ours. As our granddaughter was trying to explain this huge dog to me you could tell she was overwhelmed. She said it was crawling on the ground and had long brown hair all over, but then what got my attention was she said this dog’s head was really, really big and it  had a ugly scary face. Another time not long after this incident I was outside playing with and feeding our dog and some of the neighbor’s dogs which stayed at our place most of the time and out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought at first was a straggly coyote walk out of the tree line very slowly and just sit there.  I ran into the house and called my husband who told me to get his rifle so I did and ran back outside with it still there just watching, then very slowly this thing turned it’s head and what I thought looked like it had a grin on it’s face. I lifted the rifle which I have never shot and it very slowly turned and walked back in the direction it came from, but later I noticed it at a distance where the tree line made a vee shape on our property just sitting there watching. I just couldn’t figure it out and it haunted me at how strange it looked and acted. I wondered if this was what our granddaughters had seen.
So many times I would sweep off our deck only to go out the next morning to drink my coffee and find rocks piled up around our chairs. One morning I came out and found a dead guinea laying about 10 feet from our back steps with it’s next broke, but no blood on it anywhere. I figured one of the dogs may have killed it and drug it up but then noticed some of the dogs close around it but they never would go towards it, this also happened with a rabbit that was placed exactly in the same spot a month or so later, again none of the dogs would touch it and it’s neck was broke too.
I could go on and on of all the different incidents that happened from the time we either vacationed at White River or after we bought a place there… we sold it and moved December of 2012 to be closer to my husband’s job.

Additional Info:    I also recall one summer when we had vacationed at the White River there at Mountain View that my husband and I were trout fishing from a boat and we were drifting close to the bank…I heard a splash and turned to see what it was because it was a loud splash, but I saw nothing. Then as I was about to cast I looked the same direction and saw something in the water like it was floating and moving towards us. I asked my husband what in the world could it be because it was big even though only a portion of the head was above the water. As we watched it I told my husband it reminded me of a face of an ape. He started the motor and we went to another spot.

Activities of Witness:   Me or grandkids doing daily activities or playing outside  

Description of Creature:  What I thought to be a coyote..skinny with long hair and had a funny 'grin'

Other Notes:    As a child probably about 10 or 11 years old, several of us were spending the night at a friend's house, which was actually in a neighborhood in Corpus Christi, TX. We were all sitting on the floor in her bedroom and talking and the window in her room was raised letting air in. I looked up and saw a face staring in the window and this thing grinned as I was looking at it. I froze and was terrified and looked away trying not to be obvious about what I had just seen. When I finally had the nerve to look back there it was gone...this friend didn't have any brothers and from what I can remember about the face it was really big against the screened window.

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Not that I know of.

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