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DATE:             July - 1983

TIME:             Afternoon

LOCATION:    Dequeen, Arkansas, Sevier County

TERRAIN:      Swampy

OBSERVED:    I grew up in this area  (&) saw and heard things I can't explain.   The first time I remember something was when I was 15.  A friend and I went fishing back in a swampy area.   We smelled something and could not see or hear anything.   About a hour later the smell got worse and we heard something big coming through the swamp.   We got scared and left.  We had set a trought line out so the next morning we took out guns and went to check it.   All we found was it tangled up in the bushes about 6 foot high.  All of the fish were ate but the lips with the hooks in them.   All around the area were footprints about 16-18 in long.  We left the area fast and told our dads.   They said we had very good imaginations.   Later that summer around the same area we felt like we were being watched.  We were followed most of the way home by something.

Description of Creature: n/a

Activities of Witness: Fishing

Other Notes: Saw  several footprints and heard strange sounds mostly in the summer.   Have seen a area full of deer,cow,horse, and other small bones in a place that nobody could get into without our family knowing.  Tthe only road went fron our driveway so no person dumped them.  Mmost showed that they had been killed by a preditor

Other Occurrences in this Area:  Yes I moved away about 2 years later but have been back and will write more later.

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