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DATE:    June 21, 2003

TIME:     11:00 am

LOCATION:   Arkansas, White County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    About 10 am I was sitting on my back porch smoking a cigarette, and I heard three growls which sounded like a low bear growl, but loud coming from the woods behind my house, about 100 yards away. About 11 am I went back out to smoke a cigarette and was sitting on the steps (about 4 1/2 feet off the ground when out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving very quickly through the woods to my right, across a 1/2 acre piece of land and about 50 feet in the woods. At first I thought this was a deer, reddish in color and appeared to be the rear end sort of, but moved unlike a deer, about 20 to 30 feet in a rolling like motion if that makes sense. But after a few seconds, I realized that it was to large, and didn't really move like a deer.

Activities of Witness:   Sitting on back porch smoking a cigarette.

Description of Creature:  Reddish brown

Other Notes:    After thinking for a bit, I also realized that from where I was sitting the object (animal) had to be at least 5 foot from the ground of just what I could see as I was sitting at about 4 1/2 feet off the ground and it was level with the railings of the porch, which would be about 5 1/2 feet. Conclusion No deer....I walked to the edge of the woods and walked down the wood line and looked to see if it was a deer, I saw and head nothing. I have lived in the country all my life, deer just don't disappear that quick, I would have heard movement further in the woods.

Additional Notes or Comments In the field behind the house I have noticed what appears to be deer beds, grass mashed down, however, in strange patterns, very large in diameter, and some elongated sort of looked like a snow angel (if it where snow) and very large, I am 6'3; at 260 lbs and I could lay in them.

The Witness added this additional information through e-mail exchange:

I went out to get a dung sample as to maybe in the near future I would really want to know for sure. As it turns out, the two piles aren't the only ones I found. I walked the wood line that my yard connects too,  (about a acre and a half) there are about five more about 50-75 feet the wooded side of the yard, large ones, and a few small ones.
Appears if it is what we think it is, "it" is observing us from the wood line at night, and has set a kind of boundary

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