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DATE:    12/18/70

TIME:      5:00 pm

LOCATION:   Neusa Heads, Queensland, Australia.  Pacific Ocean - Campground

TERRAIN:   Tropical - very green - bush with path

OBSERVED:      My family and I were camping for summer vacation, right after christmas. I was about 8 or 9, not sure exactly, it was very long ago.  Two sisters, who I met and became friends with
at the campground, and I were decided to go play on the beach.  The campground itself was
heavily shaded and and the there was a thick layer of tropical bush between the campground and
the beach.  To get to the beach, we had to walk on a path through the bush.  The older of the
two sisters was in front, I was in the middle, and the younger sister was in the back.  The
younger sister asked "what is that?" and we both asked her what she was talking about.  She
pointed into the bush, about 3 feet beside the path but still in front of us and to the left.
It too me a few minutes to focus in on what she saw because whatever it was blended in with
the green plants it was crouching behind.  What I saw was green and gorilla/ape like but not
really.  It didn't have the face of an ape or gorilla.  It was hairy.  When I saw him, my eyes
went wide open and what i have never forgotten, is that our eyes met and his/her eyes went open
also.  It was just as afraid of me as I was of it.  Regardless, I was 8 or 9 and screamed at
the top of my lungs, as did the two sisters.  The thing, which I have always referred to as a
monster got up and walked or hobbled really slowly away into the bush.  It walked slouched
over with it arms drooping but it was not as if its arm were abnormally long for its body.
After it left, we ran to the beach where a man was playing with a little girl.  (Assume it was
a father with his daughter).  We told the man we just saw a monster and he said he asked us to
point out where we saw it.  We all walked back to the path and pointed to where we saw it but
nothing was there anymore.  I think the man went to where we said it was crouching and looked
at the ground but I can't remember if he said he found anything.  I do remember him saying
whatever it was is gone now and that we should just go back to the campground.  We each went
home and told our parents about the monster.  My family laughed and thought it was all so cute
and teased me about it for a long time.  I have tried to tell a few people about this story
but of course no one really believes we saw a monster, most think we might have seen a man
dressed up to scare kids.

Activities of Witness:   Walking on a path to the beach with two other girls.

Description of Creature:      Green and gorilla/ape like but not really.  It didn't have the face of an ape or gorilla.  It was hairy.

Other Notes:      After everyone talking about bigfoot today, with the man claiming to
have been behind hoax dying.  It reminded me of the incidence and I thought why not see if I
could find anything about it on the internet.  I did a search today using queensland australia
and monster on aol and found this site.  I read all the reports from australia looking for an
incidence of someone else seeing a green big foot type creature.  I didn't find any.  I have
never ever forgotten this incidence.  It was one of the oddest things that has ever happened
in my life.  I have thought about being hypnotized and being taken back to describe or draw
the creature I saw.  I would like to see it with skeptical adult eyes and maybe find an answer
to what I saw.  I know, though, that it wasn't a man that was dressed up.  A man could not be
that massive and still be proportional.

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