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DATE:    November 30, 2006 

TIME:     2:30 PM 

LOCATION:   New South Wales, Australia 

TERRAIN:    Dry, woody with lots of lantana. Very steep in areas and quite difficult to walk on.

OBSERVED:    Had problems for at least 2 years but escalated last 4 months. Rabbits taken from cage and killed, goats let out of paddock. Rocks thrown at my children and roof of house. Many tracks going from my home into the bush. Found what looked like a large amount of human waste. Heard strange barking and howling noises and bangs around the house at night. Smelled a foul smell around the home at times. Today saw a very large creature on 2 legs which was very dark in color and hairy. My dog barked and it ran from an exposed area on the grass into lantana. A friend witnesses the incident. Trees have been recently broken and I found a large bone near the home which my friends believe is from a cow, although there aren't any on my property or close by. I have heard what sound to be a very large man many times even during the day and last week was approached in the dark while holding my large dog. After shouting at what I thought was a prowler, the footsteps stopped just a few feet away but it was so dark, I could not see. However the proximity to me concerned me greatly and I ushured the dog inside rather quickly. On one occasion, while a friend and I were clearing the bush for a better view for my "prowler", something large came at us, chasing us down the hill, stopping just short of the tree line so we couldn't see it. It was definitely on 2 legs and had the ability to move quickly on very rugged ground. I am greatly concerned about my 2 children as the encounters are now so frequent and often during the day.

Activities of Witness:   Was sitting with friend and kids when my dog barked running towards the fence aggressively. Creature was standing on neighbors property not far from mine. 

Description of Creature:  Saw from the middle or so of the torso. Very large, thick set with long dark brown hair. Too heavy to guess, would be at least the size of a full grown bear standing on 2 legs. Took huge step into the scrub.

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Many for at least 2 years but getting frequent, around 3-6 times a week.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Any information regarding advice would be appreciated. I'm concerned about my children's, and my safety. Not sure what, if any, intentions these things have but getting really worried.

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