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DATE:    1980's

TIME:    1:00 am

LOCATION:   Australia, New South Wales

TERRAIN:    Grazing land and semi thick wooded

OBSERVED:    Sounds that have been described by other wittnesess, the sounds that this thing had
made was like a tasmanian devil on steroids it was loud and strong, i know what sounds are in
the bush being that i have done alot of hunting, camping, hiking and this was not anything
that i have heard before it was terrifying.

my friends and i which makes us four were on the way back from dapto when we decided to stop
and camp for the night in an area close to the township of yass, it was about ten at night, so
we turned off on to this dirt road that went in about five klms, there at the end was farmers
fencing all around, it was like we were in a court like situation. but instead of houses there
was grazing land and semi scrub/ woodlands, we got a fire going then heated up some cans of
food that we had, and we had a couple of beers thats all.

at this time steve the driver said that he is going to go to sleep in the back of he's panel
van because he was tired 11.30pm, jim hishim and myself stayed around the campfire with our
sleeping bags and blankets as it was a cold night, and we just talked and told jokes, then it
was bout 1.00am to 1.30 am thats when we heard this sound straight away this thing scared the
living daylights out of me because it was so loud and aggresive like, we then reached for our
torches and shined them in a norherly direction, being that thats were the noise came from but
we didnt see anything, then the next thing we heard the sounds of someone/something walking on
the leaves and twigs that had sorrunded us on the other side of the fences all around then
from the south side it started again with this growling sound again, so we then shone our
torches in that direction, still we could not see anything,as we shone our torches the sounds
had stopped very quickly, we looked up the trees on the ground and all around all we saw was
some cattle that were around the fence line, that were there probably because we were,then
again the sound of twigs and leaves it went back to the north side of us,still we could not
see anything, at this stage jim anmd hisham were shit scared,then when they said to me jeff
what the hell is it i said i had never heard anything like this before, but all i know is that
it does not want us here, next minute we were try to open the car but steve had locked it, we
shooked that car so hard that i reckon we could have turned it over, steve got up and said
what the hell are you guys doing, we replied lets get the hell out of here, steve said pissoff
you three just want to get in the van because its cold, then steve heard the noise, next
minute we were out off there we flew like we were in the grand prix.

Activities of Witness:   Camping

Description of Creature:    N/A

Other Notes:    It seemed like this thing was toying with us going up and down,or it didnt want to
hurt us just scare us away possibly the warnm fire? or the food smells? might of atrracted it.

And the freakest thing all these years later is that the cows just stood there like what ever
it was did not phase them, maybe if it is a so called yowie they really do resemble man
because cattle dont resemble man as a threat?

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