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DATE:    1995

TIME:     Early morning between 10-11

LOCATION:   New South Wales Australia

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    At the time I was 7. I was staying at a friends place when a one of the kids who lived down the street and his father came and asked us if we wanted to go bush walking. Being adventurous we automatically said yes. I remember walking up the side of the mountain and then reaching the top which was a fire trail?  (but I remember seeing big electricity tower things all along it) when there just in front of us was this huge thing maybe 8-9 ft tall on the other side of the trail. It's hair was a white/silver kind of color . It's face was pink I guess in a way it reminded me of an albino, but I do remember it's eyes they were silvery gray with black pupils. It didn't make a noise and I don't remember a smell . It just turned and looked at us the hurriedly walked down the other side of the mountain. After that i remember being really scared and asking if we could go back (home).

Activities of Witness:   We were bush walking

Description of Creature:  Tall and heavy but not fat. It was about 8-9ft high.  It had silvery/ white hair. The flesh of the face was pink (reminding me like an albino) It's eyes where a silvery gray color with black pupils.

I noticed that when it moved away from us it didn't walk like a man it had a kind of 'swing' or 'sway' to it's walk.

Other Notes:    After the event I thought back on it and remembered seeing small twigs etc. snapped on the way up the mountain

We moved from the area where i saw it about 5 and a half years ago. But a couple months ago we were driving back from a friends farm. When we where within about 8 k's from town we heard this sickening noise that I could only describe as a Roar. It seemed to echo out across the paddocks although whatever made that noise seemed to be close to the road. I remember as soon as we started to hear it that my mum immediately said "That wasn't Human" and I believe she was right .Whatever made that noise could definitely not have been human. I have since listened to sound recordings of American Bigfoots since and was amazed when one of the recordings sounded exactly the same as the sound we had heard, the only difference being that the recording had numerous 'roars' were as we only heard on that lasted for about a minute.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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