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DATE:    2005 

TIME:     About 5am just after twilight  

LOCATION:   Queensland, Australia, between Collinsville and Glenden 

TERRAIN:    Dirt road, flat scrubby terrain 

OBSERVED:    I used to work in the coal mines in Glenden, but i was dating a girl in Collinsville, so i used to drive there every weekend and drive back every monday morning. this particular monday morning i left my girlfriends early as usual to be on time for my shift start at 6. i had been driving for about an hour or so and was on the dirt road or ( Collinsville-Elphinstone rd) when i saw two creatures closing in from the right, i initially thought they where kangaroos so i began to slow down before they crossed my path. when the fist one was within 10 meter's of my car i saw they where not kangaroos and slammed on my breaks. coming to a dusty stop 2 creatures ran straight past on all fours. i stared in disbelief as they crossed the track then i floored it not even thinking about getting out to investigate. 

Activities of Witness:   Had a good 8 hours sleep woke up at about 3 am, ate breakfast, had a shower packed my bag and started driving 

Description of Creature:  Both looked very similar, ran on all fours with inverted knees, very fit and muscular, tawny color almost tan, larger than a kangaroo but smaller than cow or horse, long torso with thicker longer back legs, no tail but head hard to describe. not like a dog or cat with a snout, but almost rounded skull. large feet almost like big pad or hand or something but the both of them looked to be covered in short fur.  

Other Notes:    I had told a guy in a bar a few weeks after that about it and he said it was the Collinsville cougar, supposedly a circus left them behind, but if you ask me they weren't a big cat.

This may seem strange or completely off topic but Glenden's contractor camp always has the feeling your being watched, one night a mate and myself where having a drink next to the room at about 11pm when a bright blue light flew over head slowly, we watched it for a while then it disappeared, ( and there's no flight path for miles).  another night about two weeks after the blue light a friend and i hoped in my ute and went about an hour outside of town to do some burnouts. at about 11:30pm on the deserted road we had been doing burnouts for about 5 minutes when we thought we saw a car coming so we took off back to town, after about 15 minutes of driving my car started to die, all lights shut of and the motor died, as we began to roll slower the radio started screaming then it stopped, the engine and lights stated again and we drove all the way back to town... the strange thing was neither of us had our mobile phones on us to cause the radio disturbance and the radio was off the whole time.

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