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DATE:     7/5/95

TIME:    1:18  P.M.

LOCATION:    Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

TERRAIN:       Steep hill, Bush

OBSERVED:    We have 3 dogs -poodles-1 toy, 2 medium.  They bark sometimes when we arrive home and at night.  We understand why when we get home but not at night.  We usually let them inside at night to stop them from barking.  One night in early June (in Australia June is winter) I woke up at around 1:18 p.m. and I could hear the dogs barking.  It was more irate than ussual. I quickly ran to the back door to stop them so the neighbours would not get annoyed.

I opened the door and called them, 'MAX' the middle sized one ran over.  He had blood all over his face and legs.
I ran out and checked to see if he was hurt but it didnt seem to be his blood.
I called the other dogs again and I heard one of them bark from somewhere-they had gotten out the back fence.
I walked up to the back fence and Max followed but when I got to the fence he acted strange and stepped back and started whimpering and barking. I heard one of the dogs bark again, I went up to the fence and hoisted myself up to see where they were and froze.  On the ground I saw what was left of our biggest dog Ellie ripped open on the ground with our smallest dog Teddy barking at her but I realised teddy was barking at someone else, then saw a large figure standing over the remains holding a piece of it in it's mouth.

I at first thought it was a person and I shouted at them that they were a sick f#!k and other words and it looked up and stared at me.  I was the scaredest I had ever been when it stared at me.  From that moment I knew it wasn't a person.   I could see it quite clearly in the moonlight.  It breathed a few times and sniffed the air and suddenly ran away and grabbed Teddy and dissappeared into the bush. Teddy died instantly when he was picked up.  I just knew because when he was picked up he made this weird sound. I woke my parents straight away and my dad got a torch and tried to look for Teddy but didn't find him.  In the morning we found some fur and drops of blood in a dried up river bed but that was all. My dad said it was just a person who was sick of the dogs barking and my mum said it could have been a fox or dingo.  I know that this thing was none of those, and it felt like a bad dream because it was late but I was well aware of what was going on. We have since moved to a more suburban area.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:    Tall human adult height, very large (husky) like a tall upright orangutan, breathed in short heavy groans ( hegghhh) every now and again, when it heard me it stopped and stared and sort of smelled the air.   Dark blackish brown (it was dark-nighttime) like some sort of ape.  On one occasion a month earlier my aviary had been broken into and all my birds were gone, there was feathers everywhere and blood on the sides of the wire.




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