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DATE:   07/17/01

TIME:    15:30 (mountain standard)

LOCATION:    Mt. Robson National Park, Alberta/British Columbia Border, Canada
                  (Caribou Connector)

TERRAIN:   Mountains

OBSERVED:   We had been driving all day,and decided to stop for a while at the next rest stop on the highway. My girlfriend and I lounged at a picnic table for a spell,my best friend and his girlfriend had gone down to the edge of the river to skip stones(Athabasca River). My friend called us down to look at a strange track he had found in the mud on the river shore. It was a large footprint showing 4 toes and an unnatural curve to the foot.I have been researching Sasquatch Footprints most of my adult life and that is what crossed my mind when I saw this. I snapped a photo of the track,I wear size 14D boots and this track was at least 4 inches longer than my foot, and it was pressed 3/4 of an inch into the soft mud. We told friends about this when we arrived back in Jasper,but I think they just humored us.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: Driving home from British Columbia.


OTHER NOTES: Yes, we were tired from driving all day, but the photograph did turn out semi-well.


Report submitted by Mary Green

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