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DATE:    07/23/09 

TIME:     8:30p.m. 

LOCATION:   Inyo County, California 

TERRAIN:    Other 

OBSERVED:    I was walking to town that July evening, just before dark you could still see.  The trail from my house to town is only a 3 minute walk and you walk within 25 yard to the creek.  Off to my right is the creek and something big and black with long hair was down at the creek, I didn't notice it at first and when I did, I thought it was just some great big gigantic guy with huge shoulders and a bad hair day standing in the water at the creek and my curiosity almost made me walk over and see what he was doing over there.  I decided not to go to see who it was and kept on walking on the trail.  It then heard me and it turned to look at me and I kept looking at it, Wow he was huge, I would say between 11 and 12 feet, he was standing in the creek and the creek is a good 8 feet drop from the bank and I seen him from the mid waist he had his back to me.  I seen that he was in need of a hair brush because he had tumbleweeds, leaves, grass in his hair, I could see all that. His face was all covered with a long hair, except for the cheek and eye area hair real dark brown, and he didn't look ape like he had only brownish skin that I could see around his big eyes he looked at me, I didn't realize that I was seeing a bigfoot person, so I just waved and kept looking at it thinking this was one big big guy or an outlaw running from the law but then it gave me the most quizzical look as I dipped my head to the left and looked back to my right, it tipped its head too.  I waved at it still not realizing what I was seeing because I had never had the chance to see one of them and on the third wave my hand slowed, my body stopped waving.  I wasn't scared at the moment just baffled at what I had just seen.

Additional things: We found his big foot prints about 17 or 18 inches about 8 or 9 inches wide at the ball of the foot a big big toe with a wide gap between the big toe and the second toe, the heel was like 6 inches damn, but weren't able to cast them because the dogs that were smelling him went crazy smelling his scent then the dogs howling for hours, they howled for 9 hours one night and have been howling almost every night since except for when it had snowed in the valley.
There was a fowl smell that flowed with them like something dead, I went looking the next day when I could smell death and found no dead animals on properties.  In the middle of the night we can hear rocks being tossed down at the creek it runs along the backside of our property some of those rocks are huge probably weighing 150 lb.. to 200 lb. we noticed that it damns the creek.  We also have found like arches, places that it sits have arched branches locust branches bent and frayed way up high in the trees.

Activities of Witness:   I was walking on the trail to town.  I seen it as soon as I passed the rocks, and watched it and could see it the whole length of the trail, which is right behind town. 

Description of Creature:  It was huge with big shoulders, long dark brown hair, graceful motions, hair on the chest and arms, big feet, dark brown eyes.

Other Notes:    We have fruit trees on our properties and all our fruits like peaches, apples, apricots, gone picked in the night, some type of bamboo like tree they eat and birds, we found dead birds. 

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    Yes, plenty of occurrences prior and since I seen him several of my cousins have seen them they travel in the creeks, canals, and the river.

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