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DATE:       ?/?/1973

TIME:           Between 12 noon - 2 p.m.

LOCATION:    New Brunswick,Canada   "Upriver" area.

TERRAIN:      Swampy

OBSERVED:    This report is based on a story told by a fellow college student.  He is in his 40s, and seemed very serious. He described a creature he saw durring a boat ride through swampy terrain. They had followed a deep stream which cut-off from a alrfer river and led off into a swampier area.

He described a creature which could be seen just under the water, it wasn't fish-like, but had two short legs and a stubby upper body, with "crust-like" flesh, partly covered in what appeared to be black fur.
They followed the odd creature as it passed near the side of the boat. It was near the surface of the murky water.  The feet could be seen and were described as looking like that of a chimp.  This sighting took place in the mid-70s, he said 73, but could not be certain. You should also note that this was in the later portion of the Summer when the season begins to tip towards Fall.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  Rowing a boat through the swamp just for fun and to explore.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Stubby body, short legs, hair and crust-like flesh.

OTHER NOTES:  It made no sounds.

Report taken and posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Trent Merrifield

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