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DATE:             1960-62

TIME:            Night

LOCATION:      Lake Elsinore,  Calififornia,  Riverside County

TERRAIN:        Mountains

OBSERVED:    I was about four or five years old, but remember this like it was yesterday. We lived on Grand Ave. with the Ortega mountains behind our house. The bedroom my brother and I had was at the back of the house. It had a semi-flat roof and I believe it was an add-on to the house. The room had many windows about 5ft at the base, and went to the ceiling(about 8ft).

At nite I would see greenish glowing eyes looking into the window, which would move from window to window. I remember the first few times I saw them I would scream and they would dissappear. But later I would just lay there and watch them, they would look in for a while going from one window to another and then leave. Don't know if my brother saw them, have to check with him.

Neighbor had chickens dissappear at nite, but could be other wild animals???? It was years later my cousins told me of the legend of the Green Eyed Monster in the Ortega mountains while we were telling scary stories. When I told them of what I'd seen, they got real scared and stopped telling stories. The legend tells of hunters and campers being approached by a tall Green Eyed "Monster". When shot at, would run off into the mountains. Other details I'd heared where it breathed real loud or heavy.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):     Sleeping, waking up to greenish eyes looking in window.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   Just very large greenish glowing eyes.

OTHER NOTES:     Stories of a "monster" in the mountains behind Corona, Calif. which is in the same mountain range about 30 miles west.

Very Rural, no outside lighting that I know of. Just very large greenish glowing eyes. Moved from window to window for reasons unknown., Yes, report of 7-1-99 on GCBRO was within a few miles(5 to 10), to the southwest of our house. Also on another site I submitted this to, had a sighting report at Camp Pendlton which is directly over the mountains, southwest. And the "Legend", that goes back who knows how far, which some could be possible sightings.

ADDED NOTES:    I just wish I had more to relate to this. The only other thing I can add to this is I hunted and 4 wheeled in these mountains for years and there are many deep and dark canyons here. I remember being out on many occasions and had a very strange sensation(feeling) but can't really pinpoint why, maybe it's that being watched feeling.

Report  Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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