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REPORT RECEIVED FromThe Field Research Notes and Findings of Chester Moore  GCBRO/Team Cryptokeeper Researcher

DATE:    09/24/02

TIME:      9:00 am

LOCATION:   Trinity County, California.  Along a sloping bank of the Trinity River in the Trinity National Forest in Northern California.

TERRAIN:   This was a wooded, mountainous national forest

OBSERVED:      Tracks 11 1/2 inches in length were found coming down from a steep hillside toward the river. There were 10 visible tracks in all, but only two were of quality to cast. They started
on the edge of the hillside and ended up going between a bunch of sharp rocks toward the
river. The tracks that were cast were deeper than bear tracks found in the same type of soil a
couple of hundred yards away. They were also deeper than my tracks with boots on and I weigh
205 pounds. The tracks had five toes and the toes were very rounded, much like those typically
found in the Pacific Northwest.

Activities of Witness:  Scoping out an area for possible bigfoot activity. This area had a history of
sightings and other related bigfoot activity so we stopped in for a look and lucked out. What
impressed me greatly is the animal's apparent weight for its size. Again, the tracks were
deeper than mine and I was wearing hiking boots and weigh over 200 pounds.

Description of Creature:      N/A

Other Notes:   A large impression was found near the entrance to a rocky crevice on top of the hill
and several large trails were found coming down the mountain that were not made by hard-hooved
animals. The presence of bears in the area makes determining whether a bigfoot creature made
them or not very difficult. Bears also have soft foot pads are are very present in the area.
This region has a huge bear population and I found many tracks (and cast severa front and back
footpads) on the trip. The tracks I found were certainly made from a bigfoot creature and look
like smaller version of the Patterson casts, which were only 14 inches in length.

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