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DATE:    Approximately 1984

TIME:     Approximately 2:00 am

LOCATION:   Holland

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    My husband works in a factory next to a road, on the other side of the road there's a big wood and there begins a national park.

At about 2 o'clock in the morning in the dark he went for minute to the parking place to get something out of his car. he came near his car when suddenly he stand eye in eye with an enormous kind of an ape. The shock of seeing each other was so big that the enormous ape put his hand on a more than two meter high gate and jumped easily over it and ran into the woods.

Activities of Witness:   He was walking towards his car at a dark night. The parking place was dark. There was only one light which came from the guardian house. There were no cars driving at that our and there my husband was alone.

Description of Creature:  The ape man was as tall as my husband because they looked each other in the eyes. My husband is 1 meter 65.  The ape had hair over his whole body and very long arms.

That 's the only detail he remembers. He has forgotten the face. He sad "it all happened so suddenly that I was paralyzed from fear and I didn't realize what I was seeing at the very moment."

Other Notes:    My husband told me this story much later because he was afraid that nobody would have believed him.

I have to say that my husband is not the kind of man who likes to tell fantasy stories. He is more like an introvert person.

We live in Holland which is a very crowded country. There are plenty of woods however.

I only wanted to tell you his story because of the research you're doing. I thought that maybe it could be important.

We never have heard of apes that were escaped from a zoo at the time

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments
Upon contact with our European researcher the witness had this information to add to the report.

The creature was higher than initially reported, about 7 ½ feet tall, and covered with brown hair like a bear. The face looked human and was all covered in short hair. The hair on the head was barely an inch long, considerably shorter than the longer body hair. It had very long hands, and long arms that reached down to the knees. The witness and the creature were facing each other for about three seconds, standing only 5 feet apart. He had the impression it was a male. It ran like a human with long steps.

The witness immediately told a fellow worker who did not believe him, then no one else, untill he finally confided in his wife much later on.

The national park, De Veluwezoom,  is located near the eastern border.

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