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DATE:    11/17/09 

TIME:     1:00am 

LOCATION:   Franklin County, Florida 

TERRAIN:    National Forest 

OBSERVED:    I pulled into this spot at about 4:30 pm.

 After raising the top on my camper  and letting the sun go down a bit ,  I began letting out a number of different calls which included a Gibbon whoop and laugh CD that a friend gave to me on another BF outing. Until 7:00pm or so I tree knocked and whooped without any reply ; all the while being sure not to use any flashlights.  I also walked the roads for an hour with out incident.

 After my walk  I jumped into bed and settled in for a few hours of listening , and it was about ten o'clock when I heard the first response , a very loud  , shrill shriek with a decidedly simian tone came from the swamp across the creek. This helped me to stay awake , and it was about two to three hours later that I heard and FELT a very loud crash/thump from what I believe to have been 40 to 70 yards away. I have heard and felt this exact sound twice before in the Kisatchie Forest in Louisiana.  The crash had no accompanying branch or trunk snapping sounds like one would expect from a falling tree , just one huge crash/thump. Like the sound of some one lifting an entire tree and then slamming it to the ground with great force.

 While this incident is very mild stuff compared to many other encounters,  I thought it was important in that a person can pull into a likely  BF area , do some calling and have contact.  To me it speaks to the likelihood that there are more of these animals than we may realize.

Additional things:  On the way in , I saw an area of about 30 feet wear in 5 pine trees with a 6" diameter had been broken in half at the same 5 foot level , and were pointing in different directions. 

Activities of Witness:   I was on my way back home from MD , and I wanted to do some checking out of likely areas for BF activity. 

Description of Creature:  Animal not seen

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    There have been a few documented sightings in the Apalachicola region over the years.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments N/A

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