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Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site OnSeptember 1, 2005

DATE:    July 27, 2005

TIME:     6:19 am

LOCATION:   Holmes County, Florida

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    I observed an animal on four rather long legs that were thick like a bear's but almost straight like a post (I've seen bears in the wild and this wasn't one of them) nor were they thin like a large dog.  The abdomen was level straight from hind to front legs, no hanging belly like a bear and no defined rib-cage like a large dog.  The head was turned away from me but there appeared to be no neck, just a head attached to the shoulders.  It had long reddish brown hair and I saw no tail.  It walked quickly across the highway, no lumbering or loping, I don't even recall it bending any knees at all.  I was in my car with the windows up, the radio on, and the air conditioning was on, so I could not hear or smell anything.  In my mind, I was trying to tell myself that it was an unusual bear that would have made a very high footstool.

Activities of Witness:   Driving in car to work early in the morning.

Description of Creature:  See report above

Other Notes:    New to this area, my husband and I when sitting on our outside porch can hear different night calls.  About a year ago before 9:00 p.m. we heard and shrill eerie cry and I kiddingly told my husband that it was Bigfoot, and at that time I thought they were only in the Northwestern part of the U.S.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments After sending in the intial report, the witness added this in a follow up response.
I forgot to mention that I felt I was being silly at what I saw but Thursday afternoon I remember seeing something about the "Florida swamp monster" and found your website on Google.  That's when I saw the picture you had on the web page for pictures of the Bigfoot on all fours, I knew that was EXACTLY what I saw except I didn't notice the toes and I couldn't see the face.  I think my husband is beginning to believe me now..

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