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DATE:    02/02/13

TIME:     3:15 pm

LOCATION:   Indian River County, Florida

TERRAIN:    Deserted Island - Palms - Heavy Vegitation - Sandy

OBSERVED:    While filming a music video for CMT.  We witnessed and caught on film something with dark fur and very large in our cameras.  It was approximately 45 feet behind the shooting area in a thicker palmed area.  The figure was digging at the base of a palm, when I noticed it in my shot.  I then saw it move again, and I snapped another picture as it turned and looked outward at the bands backs.  At that moment I switched to video mode and moved toward the group saying what the F_ _ _ is that, do you guys see that.   As they turned to see what I was talking about, they caught the back of something large moving deeper into the vegiatation.  I was like lets follow it, they were like its probably a dog or something.  We needed to finish the shoot and get moving, I made my way into the vegiatation where it had been and caught large foot prints on the ground, calling another member of the band in to witness as well.  I shot pictures and video of these as well. 

ADDITIONAL THINGS:  movement - sounds of branches cracking as it moved off

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Large - Dark Fur - dark facial complexion - very thick

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:   We were filming a music video, and the guys were singing and going through the scripted scene.  I was taking pictures of the video shoot.


HISTORICAL OR NEIGHBORING AREAS:  Not sure, we are not from the area.

ADDITIONAL NOTES AND-OR FOLLOW-UP COMMENTS Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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