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DATE:    September 1983

TIME:     Night time

LOCATION:   Florida, Seminole County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    When i was 11 we moved to a very small town, geneva fl, while we were getting our property in order we used a gas generator and at promptly 9 pm every night, my father would announce bedtime and off went the power. after about 3 months of this, we finally got our electricity hooked up and on that first night i read until 2 am. when i finally turned off my bedroom light i heard what i thought was someone running up into our yard, we had no close neighbors and at first i thought it was my older brother playing a trick on me, the outside light was shining into my window and the shadow of a head began pacing back and forth in the light, in my mind i realized that in order for the shadow to show through the trailer window, the thing had to be at least 7 ft tall, i could hear it breathing heavily, and it sounded distressed, i was terrified and pulled the covers over my head, just as it hit the side of our trailer and ran off, my father woke up and yelled, what was that??! and all i could do was cry, the next day as i left for school, i saw a dent where it had hit the trailer. this was not my last encounter, a few months later, i saw it through my friends kitchen window at dusk, its eyes glowed like an animals and when it realized i could see it, it turned and ran, knocking over a 50 gallon drum of water on its way and scaring the daylights out of her horse, she was and older woman and swore i must have been mistaken, but she walked me home with a butcher knife that night. i have only told a handful of people this story, i used to think that no one would believe me, now i don't care. i know what i saw, and i will never forget it.

Activities of Witness:   The first time i had just turned off the light in my room, i had been reading. the second time i was helping my friend clean her carpets, we had just finished and were sitting in her living room laughing and i looked up into the kitchen window and saw it looking at me, i screamed oh my god and put my head down, but i did see it turn its head and run, not jump down, but run straight out into her pasture.

Description of Creature:  The head was ape like in shape, i could tell from the shadow on my bedroom wall, and it must have been heavy because when i heard it run up in the yard the first time, it was pounding, very loud, when i saw it at my friends house, the eyes glowed like a dogs eyes when it catches the light, it had to be at least 7 foot tall, maybe taller.

Other Notes:    The neighbor across the street when he first moved in, and one other friend of ours swears he saw something on the side of the road one night, he had lived there all his life and at first he said he thought it was a tree until he realized that there had never been a tree in that spot on the road, when he backed up to look, there was nothing there.

Also the man that owned the property before my mom and dad bought it, owned and raised monkeys, there were several cages built on the property and at one time, neighbors told my parents he had at least 10 different varieties of monkeys

Additional Notes or Comments Although i never saw it in our yard again, some years later the older man who cleared some land and moved in across the street from us, came to our house in the middle of the night, scared and shaking, saying something was hitting and shaking his trailer, and wanting to know if he could borrow a gun from my dad.

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