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DATE:  Periodic Sightings Over Last 100 Years

TIME:  Various Times

LOCATION:    A stretch from Fayette, Fulton and Douglas Counties, Georgia -
                     Hwy. 92, Hwy. 29, River Town Road and West Bridge Road.

TERRAIN:  Wooded & Swampy Areas Involved

OBSERVED:  In a long line of strange happenings in a more than 20 mile area from Fayette County through Fulton County to near Douglas County Ga, and for over one hundred years, this  incident with my uncle is
just one of many sightings and only one of many stories connected to this area. I will tell the story as
my uncle told it to me and then give other family sightings with a history of this same creature.

My uncle lives in a secluded clearing in the center of some woods off of a road I will leave un named
in Fulton County Ga, just over the Fayette County line. Being a shift worker at a local plant he would
get up around 4:00 Am. in the morning. One morning in the mid 1980's he went out his back door
around 4:30 Am. to take the trash out.  Halfway down the steps he was shocked by a loud pitch scream coming
directly from the wood pile area along with the clamor of the wood pile it's self being totally knocked
down and scattered. A piece of wood from the same pile was thrown a good distance to the middle
of the front area of the property with a large, up right dark figure bolting into the woods.

In the 1800's, two spinster sisters by the last name of Comference told of something under their
house one night that was raising such hell screaming "Like A Woman" and trying to stand up with
such force that when it did so it would buckle the wooden planks in the floor. It eventually found it's
way out and ran into the night. The two sisters told their tale in town the next day and the creature

Again this same creature effects my family. My Great Grand Father used to tell with such truth in his
voice about how he would drive his horse and buggy up West Bridge Road in the very beginnings of
the 1900's (This in Fayette County.) Between Peters Road which housed Peters Swamp(Rather a small bog) and Wagon Wheel trail. As he came to The Bridge ( on more than on occasion) A large
hairy thing would run along side in the woods and bolt out and land on the
back of his buggy riding all the way to the bridge shaking and screaming the whole way jumping off
short of the bridge.  Once he said it took the bag of groceries he had in the buggy.

In a strip of land that goes from Fayette Almost to Douglas County, The Booger, always noted for
it's high pitch scream, has been seen and heard. In the town of Fairburn on the Duncan property, they
spoke to us often about being awoken by these screams during the night, this spanning many years
into the 1970's.

Going back about 15 miles to a place called "Cochran's Mill park, this use to be a mill settlement.
Now an 800 + wooded nature preserve.Many stories about it's exploits here as well.
I do know that there is a feeling as if being watched in the Fayette County end as a family cemetery is
deep in the woods that I visit often. I have noticed the mentioned broken and arranged branches and
tree formations here as well. This area I will not mention as to protect the cemetery's location.

In the early 1900's in the same area lived a family by the name of Peters. All were strange people but Hillary Peters was refered to as a Wildman.  He lived in the woods on the Peters property and slept in them.
This was very close to where the "Buggy Jumping happened and this incident
could have very well been Hillary Peters Doing, rather than a creature of some sort.
These facts on Hilliary Peters can be read about in the Fayette County History book.


Description of Creature: No. 1 -  up right dark figure,  No. 2 - A large hairy thing

Activities of Witness:   Various

Other Notes:  Once Peters swamp was drained, this thing started traveling out
side the area.


Other Other Notes:  none

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