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DATE:    April 1, 2002

TIME:     8:30-9:00 a.m.

LOCATION:   Bulloch County, Georgia

TERRAIN:    Heavily Wooded

OBSERVED:    Let me start with this is no April fools joke. If it is it was on me and my wife and my mom (in another car).

We were driving south on Hwy. x to XXXXXX when the sighting occurred. I was driving with my wife and 2 boys, and my mother and father were in the car next to us. As we were coming down a slight hill approaching an area in the median that is heavily wooded with a little marsh area. I know this Area fairly well since a friend of mine has property near hear that we hunt every year. As we were driving i glanced up ahead of a good distance into the cars that were in front of (3 cars and 1 semi) I believe. I saw an image come from the right hand side of the road and run across x south bound lanes right in front of the semi.
At first i was wondering who in the heck was trying to commit suicide, and then it hit me that this individual moved faster than any one I have ever seen. I also realized that it was covered from head to toe in black or dark brown it happened to quickly. But noticed that the trucker hit his brakes I tried to
watch exactly where it went in to the median, but it seemed to dive right into the trees. As we approached the area I realized it was marshy on both sides of the road. It started to hit me what it was. I know I had a look of astonishment on my face as I looked at my wife. Her first words were. What was that not who
was that. At that moment I called my Mom who was in the car next to us. She never even said hello all she said was Did you see that? Now I my self have always wondered, I am not saying I believe 100% but what we saw was unusual. My mom and wife do not believe in bigfoot. But we spent the next 2 nights in Hilton head trying to reason why a tall man was covered from head to toe in all black and crossing an area of hwy. x at least 2 miles between any exits.

Activities of Witness:   N/A

Description of Creature:  All I can remember was that it was tall my only comparison was that it crossed in front of a large Peterbuilt or Freightliner Semi with the long nose and it seemed to be taller than the front of the truck. Can not say for sure if it was covered in fur we at a distance it just looked all black or dark brown. It cleared 2 lanes of traffic in 2-3 steps.

Other Notes:    My wife said she saw it clear the north bound lanes Also.
We have had some strange occurrences at our hunting land that is owned by a friend but it happened several years ago.

I was hoping that one of the other drivers that were closer would have shared their report.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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