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        Submitted by Bobby Hamilton, Reported by Confidential

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DATE:  08/02/99

TIME:  Late night

LOCATION:  Georgia Chattahoochee Co.  Fort Benning

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:  This is not my report, but rather something my friend told me he and his sister saw.
According to him, his sister and a friend were smoking outside their house when they started hearing grunting noises and the like.  They got freaked and went inside.  My friend went outside and looked around and he said he saw a large creature walking off through the woods. 

He didn't have the nerve to go after it so he went back inside.  Later he, his sister and her friend went outside and they heard the creature at a distance.  Then, he says, they heard more grunting noises and a howl so they ran in the house and locked the doors.  I had him listen to a recording of bigfoot screams I got off the net and he says that they sounded a whole lot like what he had heard.

Description of Creature:   A large creature walking off through the woods.

Activities of Witness:  Sister and friend were outside smoking and my friend was inside watching T.V.

Other Notes:   I've been told that there have been dead animals found in the surroundings around
Columbus and another friend's uncle claims that he heard grunts and howlings when he went
hunting one day.


Report taken and Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Bobby Hamilton


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