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DATE:    07/16/78

TIME:     10:30 am

LOCATION:   Coffee County, Georgia

TERRAIN:    Swampy

OBSERVED:   I seen,heard, observed, a hairy creature walk up to the pond, squatted and drank water. It got spook when some birds flew and stood up on two feet. It looked to be over 6 feet tall, and smelled awful. He made eye contact with me and ran off.    

ADDITIONAL THINGS:  A week or so later I was hunting in the woods with my dogs and came upon a clearing under some pine trees. It seemed the something smelly and hairy had been sleeping there. I got a little scare as the dogs were acting weird and I left home never to return to that spot.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  Kinded hunched over forward when he stood or walked and smell awful,seem to hear very good. Seemed to like pond water. Really hairy light brown and mated darker brown.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS:   I was sitting quietly on the bank about 40 feet from the sighting fishing. I had been there for several hours, my normal saturday routine. 

OTHER NOTES:    Heard noises at night mainly, and seen the nest area,but we moved and I never went back.


ADDITIONAL NOTES AND-OR FOLLOW-UP COMMENTS Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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