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DATE:    1976

TIME:     Pre dawn

LOCATION:   Georgia, Effingham County

TERRAIN:    Swampy

OBSERVED:    My family was living in an area surrounded by the Ogeechee River swamp. My father was driving a motorcycle on his daily commute, over an hour each way to his job. He had to leave before daybreak everyday to be on the construction site where he was working on time. I was six years old and remember my father returning home shortly after leaving for work one morning. He was visibly shaken and distraught. I remember my mother being a little frantic in asking him what was wrong. It took him a little while to settle down and then I remember his story as scaring me and my sister.

He stated that he had "run up" on something at (local town where incident occurred). He said that this thing had run out of a swampy area as if it were going to cross the road and had frozen on the roadside when it noticed him on his motorcycle. He said that he quickly stopped the bike fearing that this thing was going to run out in front of him. When the thing stopped he said that he turned his headlamp toward the thing and realized that it was about standing about 7' (there was a sign directly behind the creature providing excellent scale). He watched the thing for a minute as it held it's head lower as if trying to look under the light. Then it quickly bolted back into the woods.

My father said that it had to be a "bigfoot". He was well aware of the publicity the creature was receiving in those days and said that this is definitely what he saw. He said it was hairy, but not as bulky as a bear. He had seen the creature less than 50 yards away with a motorcycle headlamp for about 30 seconds. He told us not to ever tell anyone about it. Though, I remember asking him as a kid to tell me the story about it again and he would always get goose bumps and a lump in his throat.

Activities of Witness:   I was not awake at the time. Do not know. Must note that my father is a very sober and observant man.

Description of Creature:  Around 7' and hairy with human characteristics.

Other Notes:    Only that my grandfather who worked the Georgia river swamplands as a young man said that they would see swamp monkeys and wampus cats all the time in the Ogeechee River, Savannah River and Altamaha River swamps of south Georgia.

Additional Notes or Comments
Upon contact the person who submitted the report added the following bit of information:
Given the amount of time that has passed since the sighting and the lack of other sightings in the area, I doubt that an area investigation would be necessary. I personally believe that these creatures use river swamp corridors and large forests to seasonally travel from one region to another. Sightings probably occur when the creatures are forced to cross roadways and unforested areas. This would tend to make non-recent sighting investigations of little use.

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