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DATE:    1988

TIME:    Around 2:00 am

LOCATION:   Georgia, Franklin County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    A couple of years ago, in a circle of 4 people, a co-worker of mine hesitantly recounted a tale of sighting a large manlike creature when he was about 9 years old. (He's about 24 now.) He was riding on a rural road in Franklin County, Georgia (specific location withheld) at night with his father and brother. All 3 of them witnessed the following.

The area: On both sides of the road, there were open cow pastures surrounded by densely wooded forests, heavily populated with deer and turkey. [This is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.]

Event: At around 2am while returning home from his grandma's house, my friend's father suddenly slammed on the brakes. This caused both my friend and his brother to sit upright in the cab of the small pickup they were riding in. First, what appeared to be a wolf crossed the road in front of them. This was shocking enough to them because there are no wolves in NE Ga. (However, there are coyotes.) The “wolf” was followed a few seconds later by an 8 foot tall man-like creature covered in "shaggy grayish brown hair". [When questioned about the height, he made the comparison with the height of his father who is 6’6”.]

The “thing” (he never called it a Bigfoot) looked over his left shoulder at the vehicle as it crossed diagonally from near right to far left, and gracefully hurdled a 4 foot barbed wire fence. He described its hurdling ability as "like an Olympic runner".

It then ran about 30 yards out into the pasture and turned around to face the truck. He said that its eyes glowed amber, but seemed to be more luminous than an actual reflection from the truck's lights. It stood there for a minute or so and watched them, then it and the wolf both turned and "loped off across the pasture", in his words. While they sat there watching it, he and his brother were crying and urging his father to leave, but his father was amazed at what he was seeing and just sat there.

During his story, he also mentioned that "the smell was unbelievable". I asked what it smelled like and he said, "A mixture between a dead animal, a dirty dog and sewage".

He indicated that his father preferred that he and his brother tell no one about it, since they have been greatly ridiculed the few times they brought it up right after the incident. This is a rural farming county with many commercial chicken houses and cow pastures.

This is the only local account that I am aware of, although someone did make mention of seeing something odd on the opening day of deer season about 5 years ago.

Activities of Witness:   Riding in vehicle, retuning home from his grandma's house.

Description of Creature:    8 foot tall man-like creature covered in "shaggy grayish brown hair" 6'6" tall

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