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DATE:    09/06/2012  

TIME:     7:15 am edt  

LOCATION:   Jasper County, Georgia  

TERRAIN:    National Forest  

OBSERVED:    A deer carcass was found along the road to my remote farm it had been gutted and the back hips were severed. It was at least a day old and the meat was not fit for human consumption any longer. It was an average size doe. about 100 pounds max. All day I figured I would see the buzzards eating the carcass but never did that evening I walked up to the site and the carcass was gone. I am a pretty good tracker and started in a circle around where the carcass had been. There were no drag marks, or remanants or carcass, a coyote couldn't carry this carcass or a mountain lion. there would have been a drag trail. I found none and I made the circle twice that evening. Something carried off that carcass. It hadn't been shoot and there was no sign that the doe had been hit by a vehicle. My goats were very nervous that night, thought it was just the coyotes which were heard in the area. The night before I heard a snuffling noise coming from the woods to the west of the area where I was at. Have heard the sounds wild pigs make and bears this noise was different. My dog who was out side with me started to bark but wouldn't go and check it out like normally. I hike these trails every day and have never found any tracks. But once there were small trees about 4" in diameter side by side that were knocked over like a bulldozer had pushed them. This was in the same general area. There was no other trees down and no tracks and it was not on any trail but a game trail. The trees were basically uprooted and are still there that way, see them every day. I have pretty good intuition and a couple of times I felt I was being observed but looked around and found nothing. The deer and the trees are the only unexplained things I have found. 

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