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DATE:    1993

TIME:    Daytime

LOCATION:   Georgia, White County

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    Just recently I heard a detailed account of a Bigfoot sighting that I would like to share with you.  The individual who told it to me is a friend of about 3 years.  Whenever possible, I will use quotations to indicate the individual’s actual words.  I was told of his account in very basic terms by a mutual acquaintance, which then caused me to press him for the tale in his own words.  This is it to the best of my knowledge.

In 1993 around the time he had graduated from school, he and 3 friends went up to (Town name with held), Georgia to go trout fishing.  They turned onto a dirt road that parallels the river.  Somewhere along that road they parked their vehicle and got out to fish.   Two of them decided to fish near the vehicle, but the individual and friend #4 decided to go up river to fish.  They found an old roadbed that they followed for a few hundred yards talking as they walked along.  Eventually, the road led them to a large gully that they were unable to cross.  As they looked at the gully, they were talking about the fact that at one time there had to have been a bridge for vehicles to be able to cross.  But there was no sign of a bridge anywhere and they thought this strange.   Suddenly, behind them they heard a thud.

Turning around, they immediately noticed a 10 foot log laying in the roadbed, “about as big around as a car tire”.  My friend stated that he would have noticed it if had been there because he would have had to step over it.  While looking at the log, both individuals simultaneously became aware of a looming presence about 15 feet away.  Both of them looked and standing on the hillside was…..well….basically, a Bigfoot.   As he put it, “All of this took just a few seconds”.

Here are his words to me as close as I can remember, “Honestly, the best way I can describe it is…….it looked like a big human covered in long, shaggy black hair.  It had a very human-like face, but with dark reddish-brown eyes.  The eyes didn’t look human, more animal-like.”

I asked him how tall it was (he is around 6’5”, 290 lbs.).  His reply was, “Oh god……it was at least 9 feet tall.”  He then stated that “it was horrifying”.

Immediately both of them took off running at full speed and ran all the way back to their vehicle (I think he said a truck).  At some point they entered the river, which is fairly shallow, to speed things up and to try to get into a safer area.  When they got back to the truck, they told the other 2, “Let’s go!  Let’s go now!”   The other 2 asked why and then they told them that they had just seen a Bigfoot.  At first, they didn’t believe them, but seeing how scared they really were, they did. This caused the other 2 to want to go back to the area of the sighting to have a look.  My friend told them, “Hell no! I ain’t going back up there!  Let’s leave right now!”

He did not return to the area to fish for 3 years.   And when he finally did return, for several years he stayed by his vehicle to fish and constantly scanned the tree line.   About 6 years after the sighting, someone convinced him to walk back up the old roadbed to the area of the sighting.  But he got very uneasy very quickly and left.  He said it was just too unsettling.

He did say that he would take me to the area to show me if I wanted to see it, but he wouldn’t go by himself.

Activities of Witness:   Walking up river to find a different fishing location.

Description of Creature:    It looked like a big human covered in long, shaggy black hair.  It had a very human-like face, but with dark reddish-brown eyes.  The eyes didn’t look human, more animal-like.”
It was at least 9 feet tall.”

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