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DATE:    7/2/2011 

TIME:     9:45 PM  

LOCATION:   Wilkes County, Georgia 

TERRAIN:    Wooded 

OBSERVED:    I was sitting on my back porch smoking with my 2 dogs in the yard about 10 feet from me. Being summer time I heard the typical crickets, frogs and other usual night time creatures. Off to my left I began hearing a low rumbling growl sound that went on for about 2 or 3 minutes with an occasional grunt and thumping sound. This was followed by a very deep, loud, long growl that sounded like nothing else I have ever heard. At first I thought that maybe this was a feral hog since they are common in the area, but it got louder and more intense as if it was not happy with something. My dogs stood up, turned towards the direction of the sounds with the hair on their backs standing up. They turned and looked at me, looked back in the direction of the growls and came up on the porch and got under the chair I was sitting in, never making a sound. The dogs would not come out from under the chair or make a peep. I went inside the house and got my oldest son  for him to hear this noise. When he came outside the growls continued off and on for 1-2 minutes and then stopped with no further noises. The other creatures were even quiet, not even a cricket chirp after that. While telling my father in law what I heard he told me that he and his wife said they have been sitting on their front porch which faces the opposite direction from the direction I was facing when they started hearing loud whooping sounds that resembled a trumpet sound that go on for several seconds that are followed by a couple of loud knocks. He said they have heard these noises in the early morning just after sunrise and at night about the same time I heard the noises. I never saw anything or have heard anything since then. I do not have any explanation for these sounds. They were like nothing I have heard before until I saw the show "Finding Bigfoot" the other day. The growling sound when the show first comes on and when it goes to and back from commercial is exactly what I heard. Does Bigfoot exist ? I don't know, but I heard something that has me thinking now. 

Additional Info:    Before: usual local creatures , After : nothing  The animals native to this area : coyotes, foxes, feral hogs, bobcats, deer. There was a yard light between me, the field and the woods where the sounds came from. Sounds appeared to be close, half mile or less.

Activities of Witness:   Sitting on porch, smoking. 

Description of Creature:  N/A

Other Notes:    N/A

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