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DATE:          September 2000

TIME:            Late Afternoon

LOCATION:  Bonner County, Idaho

TERRAIN:    Swampy, Wooded, hilly

OBSERVED:  My daughter and I were sitting on the shore of a lake, and my daughter excitedly pointed to something on the other side of the lake. I couldn't see where she was pointing, so never saw it. I asked her what she saw, and she said she saw a man covered with black hair and a gorilla-shaped head walk several feet along the shore and then turn into the woods and disappear.  It had large breasts, and she could only see it from the waist up, as there was some brush in front of it.  It was about 500 yards away or so.

My daughter and I were walking in the same general area several days ago (11/12/01), and she saw a similar creature again. She was walking ahead of me and heard some heavy footsteps on the trail ahead.  She thought it was a hiker, but said it was walking too loud for that. Also, she said it had shaggy long red hair on the head and it was quite tall.  She showed me where you could see its head over the small pines, and the pines were about 7-8 feet tall. It walked in front of her and then disappeared into some brush, presumably crouching down so it can't be seen.  We continued walking.  When we see or hear things like this, we just keep walking because we a re too afraid to stop and investigate.

For about 6 years now, I have heard strange loud screaching screams in the middle of the night. I have heard these on about 4 separate occasions.  It sounds just like a screeching ape, like what you used to hear in the background of old jungle movies, like Tarzan and the such.  Remember, you could hear monkeys screeching in the background sometimes.  And it sounds very fierce and aggressive.  One occasion which I particularly remember, it seemed to be screaming at a dog. The dog would bark fiercely, and this animal would scream back. This went on for about 5 minutes.  Eventually, all the dogs in the area were barking.

Also, saw some droppings that I thought were bear.  They were hard round logs about 2 inches in diameter and about 12 inches long and 8 inches long respectively. Each dropping was about 1/4 mile apart.  Composed  mostly of  light green lichen.

Also, before my daughter's sighting, I was hiking alone one day, and heard something in the brush to my right. It followed me for about 1/4 mile, and then I turned around and headed home.  I thought someone was stalking me.  I got very scared.  It sounded like a human, because you could hear footsteps and twigs snapping, etc.

About a week after my daughter's first sighting, I was hiking in the general area again, and I heard this loud thud like a 2000 pound rock being dropped onto soft dirt. It was very loud, but also very muffled.  This sound was only about 100 feet away, very close. I kept walking, but then decided to turn around and head back home.  As I passed the exact same spot, I heard the same noise again and kept walking.  I was terrified and never hiked again in that area until the following summer.  I am positive what I heard was the bigfoot pounding his chest with his fist as a warning for me to get out of there.  I can't think of anything else that would make that kind of noise.  There was absolute silence.  I didn't hear any brush moving or any trees falling, the sound just came out of nowhere.

This summer, I took my walks with the possibility of seeing a bigfoot in mind.  I came across a suspicious pile of branches in teepee fashion, and came to know that this might be indication of a bigfoot nearby.  I walked up to it to study it and saw a big pile of diarrhea droppings about 8 inches in diameter on the ground. I was going further in the woods when I heard this soft grunt not more than 20 feet away or so.  It sounded something between a bear and a human.  I immediately turned around and walked out.  I think I probably almost stumbled on top of it. It was not a threatening sound.  It sounded like he was puzzled, and wondering what to do next. Kind of thinking to himself.  I went back on 2 more occasions to that same spot, about a month apart, and each time I ventured into the woods, I would hear that same soft grunt.  So I would turn around and leave.  Since then, I have come to know that it lives there, and I leave it alone.

One day this summer when my daughter and I were hiking past that area, we heard it walking and crashing around breaking branches, etc. We were also in a hurry to get out, because a huge thunderstorm was  approaching, with heavy winds and torrential rains.  It was also hurriedly making a shelter, and didn't even seem to care that we were there.  We got out just in time for it to start pouring like crazy. We never saw it, just could hear it.

I would like to investigate this death, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  They found an old man presumably fishing who had died of presumably natural causes.  But I'm not so sure about that.  Would like to find out if he had any broken bones or broken ribs, bruises, etc.

I have come to know of several  different locations where bigfoots hang out, but if you stay on the trail, they don't bother you. About a month ago, my daughter and I were hiking again, and we came across a dead ferret who's head had been bitten off.  Very fresh indeed.  Then several yards up the trail, we saw its chewed up head which had been spit out.  Very strange!  We also smelled a very foul stench in the area, and I thought it was the dead ferret, but then I thought later, it was too fresh to have any smell. We smelled this foul stench for about 1/8 mile.  We thought it might be our dog Banger, but it wasn't her. After a few minutes, we decided it must be a bigfoot.  Maybe we scared it into dropping its meal and spitting it out.  I don't know.

Earlier that summer, we smelled that same smell, in a different area. At first we thought it was Banger, but then we realized it was probably bigfoot, because the stench covers quite a large area, maybe 500-1000 feet or so.  It does smell a lot like dog breath, but much more overpowering. We joked about it, "Must be a bigfoot again!"  We have come to be pretty nonchalant about it. See signs of them all the time. As long as we stay on the trail and don't walk at night, we feel we are safe.  At night is a different matter!

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):   We were sitting on the beach.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   My daughter said it looked like a human covered with black hair.  It had a gorilla-shaped head, walked upright, and had large breasts., see above

FOLLOW-UP:Below is two follow up letters from first report submission.  They are both of keen interest:

 First Letter
Dear Mary Green, I am responding to your e-mail.  Actually, I am not at all anxious to have any researchers come up here.  This colony needs to be protected, because they are too close to civilization. A very unusual situation, they are not out in the middle of nowhere.  The place where they live is a veritable paradise, and I can understand why they haven't moved on.  It has everything they need in abundance.  I think part of my story was deleted.  When I was reviewing it after submitting, part of it was missing.
I forgot to mention that the spring after I heard those two loud thud sounds, (beating of chest), I decided to investigate that exact area, (foolishly, I thought they had left), and found several nesting areas with trees bent over and sticks pushed in to hold the trees down.  Since then, I have  come to know several other areas where they live and nest.
You can post this report on your website if you want.  I thought that Bonner County should be represented.  If you have anymore questions, you can contact me.

Second Letter

Dear Mary Green, At the time my daughter first saw the bigfoot on the lake, a lady was sitting next to us.  We told her what we just saw, and she proceeded to tell us about an experience her cousin had about 30 years ago.  Her cousin and 3 other boys about 18 years old decided to go backpacking for the weekend somewhere in California.  They hiked all day on this trail and occasionally heard noises off in the bushes as if something was following them, but dismissed it as a bear or other harmless creature.

At dusk, they decided to pitch camp.  At this time, a bigfoot came out of the woods and grabbed one of the boys by the shoulders from behind.  The other 3 started running down the trail, but the boy was screaming such bloody murder, that they decided to turn around and try to help.  When they came back to camp, the bigfoot let go of the boy and ran into the woods.  They spent the rest of that night hiking out and had to carry the boy the entire distance, because he had gone out of his mind.  They filed a police report the next day.  He has been in a mental insitiution ever since, never recovered.

Several years ago, I read on the internet about some problems in central Idaho.  Hunters in this particular area had been turning up missing, and when they would find the bodies, they would be dismembered, literally torn to pieces.  The police suspected bigfoot activity.

That was an incredible account on your website of the bigfoots who tore that man's dog to pieces.  Doesn't surprise me, though. They aren't big for nothing!  And if even bears are terrified of them, well, that says it all.  You don't survive in the wild without tools and weapons by being gentle.!!

UPDATE on April 21, 2002

This is an update to my previously submitted report.  My daughter was talking to a male that rides the schoolbus with her, and he told her about a bigfoot that he saw while hunting for deer.  He had just shot a deer and was approaching it, when suddenly this very tall, very large creature walking on two feet picked up the deer, put it under its arm, and swiftly walked away.  He said it moved very fast, and he only got a quick glance at it.  This happened about 2 or 3 years ago.  And it happened about 4 or 5 miles due East of where my daughter and I had our sightings.  He is 6'11" and this was much taller than him.  He was about 200' from the deer.  It was also very hairy.
He was hunting on national forest land behind his house.

Report  Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Mary Green

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