From the files of Mary Green

        Submitted by Mary Green,
      Reported by Confidential

REPORT RECEIVED: From the GCBRO Field Notes of Mary Green

DATE: 1991

LOCATION:  Indiana, Details withheld

TERRAIN:   Thick Woods in the Country

OBSERVED:  (Related by friend of Timmy)  Timmy is a hunter and has been hunting since he was a child.  He is now about 29 or 30 years old.  About 7 or 8 years ago he was hunting at night with a friend.  They were deep in the woods and were using a caller.  It sounds like a wounded rabbit.  The idea was to use the caller, then wait and shine a light to look for anything that might respond to it and then shoot it.  Timmy has done this for years while out looking for
coyote, fox, and small game.  After several calls, he and his friend waited in the dark and heard a couple of cracks.  Timmy panned the darkness looking for a set of eyes to shoot at.  At a brush pile, he saw a set of eyes about 8 to 9 feet off the ground.  At first he thought that an animal was sitting on the brush pile.  He then noticed the eyes were wide and set apart by about 5 or 6 inches.  He aimed the shotgun and fired!  The animal let out a blood curdling scream!
Timmy and his friend took off running through the darkness with something hot on their trail!  Timmy said that you could hear the footsteps of this thing thundering through the woods with authority!  It never slowed to step under limbs and debris, but plowed right through!

After about a half mile to a mile, the animal stopped and the hunters left the forrest.  The next day, Timmy and his friend went back to the same site in daylight to investigate.  At the same location they found multiple prints that a human would make only larger.  All around the brush pile and through the woods they found sprinkles of blood where he had shot the animal.  He has stated that these were not bear tracks!  No authorities were ever called, and Timmy has told only family and friends about this so far.  When Timmy talks about that scream his voice quivers.

Description of Creature:   Creature appeared to be about 8 to 9 foot tall with eyes set apart by five or six inches.  Otherwise nothing else was seen.

Other Notes:    None

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