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DATE:    11/08/06 

TIME:     0800cst 

LOCATION:   Greenwood County, Kansas 

TERRAIN:    Some woods with open plains and dried up creek bed 

OBSERVED:    I was archery hunting for deer and a coyote gave me an opportunity that sent it off with my arrow in his rib.  So, off i went to retrieve my arrow.  the blood trail was very sparse.  In order to follow it i had to crouch over crossing the fence i was on neighbors land tracking a wounded animal i wasn't concerned I found my arrow then kept trailing.  I then got a feeling of being watched in my perifial vision i saw a dark brown figure squatting 15 feet in a tree. we met eyes at the same time.  the beast was maybe 60 yards away.  it then hung by its front appendages, and dropped landing on its rear appendages (never saw hands or feet) maybe 3 or 4 feet in height the beast scurried to the dried up creek and vanished.  it dissapered in the tall grass, making alot of noise and not moving very fast.

Additional things: I wasn't scared but curious maybe cause i could sense it was scared.  having the coyote traveling in front of me wounded it might have thought i was also a coyote since i was bent over face one foot from ground carrying a bow completely camoed out with face paint and gloves.  wet ground made it quite to walk on.  it had no idea i was there till i leaned up to peer at the dark "blob" in the tree.  

Activities of Witness:   trailing a blood trail of an arrow hit coyote. hunting deer during deer season.  

Description of Creature:  3-4 feet tall dark brown. long thick coat. arms maybe just as long as body head to toe. 40-60lbs not very fast on the ground or very quite until it hit the dried up creek bed then it disappeared. 

Other Notes:     i take grave detail in being scent free and super quite I've walked up face to face with lots of animals usually deer i have no clue what the animal in question is.  

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:     nope, dont hunt there very often its a long walk back there and is inaccessible even by quad runner 

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