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DATE:    05/02/02

TIME:     Around 9 P.M.

LOCATION: Derby, Kansas, USA, Sedgewick County
               K-42  Southbound.

TERRAIN: Flat prairie land/ tallgrass

OBSERVED:  I heard a great deal of grunting and moaning. I later found a set
of footprints One appeared to not yet be fully grown.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: I was cleaning up the side of the highway. I am a member of the
highway adoption program.




(This report is classified as unconfirmable and therefore as with all reports submitted to the GCBRO as confidential without any contact info we ask the reader  to take them for what they are.  This one is doubtful indeed for various reasons. If the submitter wishes to be taken seriously they should e-mail the GCBRO with their contact information which is held in confidence as per our policy upon your request.)

Report submitted by Mary Green

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