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DATE:    July 5, 2006 

TIME:     11:18 PM 

LOCATION:   Sedgwick County, Kansas 

TERRAIN:    Arkansas River, wooded area, river is sunk down from the fields. 

OBSERVED:    My wife and I we're fishing from a small 2 man boat in the Arkansas river, there was an almost full moon that night. All night we noticed that the river was low, even with an almost full moon, it seemed very dark on the river. We also noticed that no animals were making noises, it seemed DEAD on the river that night.  We both kept saying that it felt like somebody or something was watching us. We kept fishing for awhile but we didn't catch anything. Finally, I was getting very , very uncomfortable and decided it was time to go home. It was probably around 10:00pm , we pulled the boat to the shore and I grabbed my 22 rifle and a flashlight. It was probably 30-50 yd.. to the truck, slightly uphill, in the trees. Then, there is a steep bank 8-10ft. high. We were about half way to the truck when I heard a very deep, guttural growl to my left. The growl was deeper than anything I'd heard on the river before. I turned my flashlight that way looking for eyes in the light, but nothing was there. Next, we ran and jumped up the bank, got in the truck and locked the doors. We were both scared to death. I put the headlights on in the direction of the sounds but saw nothing. After 15 min. we had to go back down and get our tackle and tie the boat up. God we were scared!!!!


Activities of Witness:   We were fishing. We fished here many times before. My friends parents own the land and I have fished it since I was 4yrs. old. I'm 40 now. I've never heard anything like that before.  

Description of Creature:  We didn't see anything. Just a very deep, (I still get chills when I think about it), guttural sound. 

Other Notes:    I know these are old encounters, but my family talked me into submitting the info.   In 1976 In the same county, 3 miles from the sighting, my parents had built a new house and it had an exterior entrance to the basement. I heard something coming up the steps one night, myself and a friend were the only ones home. The footsteps were very loud, I screamed to get out of the house and we ran out the back door. My dog was barking and freaking out at the door outside. We turned around and saw a large black hairy creature pass by the garage door window, It looked to be about 7' tall based on the angle and the height against the Garage Door. We ran and told our parents. They laughed at us until we took them downstairs and there was Blood on the concrete floor and the wood steps going up.

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