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DATE:    November 18, 2011  

TIME:     Around Dusk  

LOCATION:   Clay County, Kentucky  

TERRAIN:    National Forest  

OBSERVED:    I was bow hunting and was ready to climb down and heard a noise and figured it was a deer so I decided to stay because I had a light so I got really quiet and all of a sudden I heard a tree being broken and right away I knew it was not a noise I had heard in my twenty plus years of hunting so I decided not to move at all actually I could smell a scent that was unfamiliar to me right away something was strange then I got the feeling of being watched and felt like I was intruding on something that did not want me there and a tree begin to shake (a really big tree about six inches in diameter) then something came flying by me I think it was a rock then I looked in the direction the rock or what ever it was came from and was paralyzed with fear but never really felt threatened and everything was silent and there it was something standing upright and had hair hanging from it like a dog has hanging down from its belly and it took one step and made a sound I cant even describe and then the woods came back to life and I got my ass out of there and I have never been hunting again anywhere I sold all of my equipment and will never go back in the woods again if I do I will be heavily armed it was about one mile from my home I will not let outside without me or my wife out with them watching them we always have a fourty cal handgun were we can get to it very fast it has made my life miserable I wish I had never seen that damn thing it has ruined my life ! 

Additional Info:    we occasionally hear something scream at the edge of dark we are contemplated moving but we own our home and land so we are stuck here I guess it has moved on we haven't heard it in about three months that is all I have got I hope it helps.
Activities of Witness:    bow hunting in a tree stand

Description of Creature:  about seven ft tall with long hair on its head like a woman with hair hanging from its arms about 6 to 8 inches long it had a dark gray face I couldn't tell much about it it was about 60 yards from me

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    yes  described above

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments N/A

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