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DATE:    June 24, 2003

TIME:     7:00 pm

LOCATION:   Kenton County, Kentucky

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    As i was walking up from the back of the park around the frisbee golf course after a long day of frisbee golf competition, i noticed a very unique smell of sour meat and wet hair. i dismissed it as a dead animal. as i continued walking toward my car with my friend he ask if i smelled the smell and i said yes i had been smelling it. about 40 yards from my car we heard a rustling sound in the nearby wooded area no more then 20 feet away, as we looked toward the trees we noticed a tall hairy figure maybe 9 feet tall a dark brown or black colored hair moving parallel with us. we both stopped dead in our tracks and my friend whispered "what is it?"; i started to answer when the creature made a high pitched shriek that drowned out the nearby sounds. it then started to come toward us in a hunched over kind of skip...we both took off running for the car and the animal picked up pace behind we made it to the car we
got in and slammed into gear nearly hitting a cluster of porta-potties. i looked back and the creature was standing slouched over. we reported the sighting to the park authority but were dismissed for pranksters. we ARE NOT PRANKSTERS!!!  this is a true account of the events of that night.

Activities of Witness:   My friend and i had spent the day playing frisbee golf there on the XXXXXXX park course until the sighting

Description of Creature:  Around 9 feet tall with long shaggy dark hair...horrible sour meat smell mixed with wet hair...ran slouched over with bent knees...eyes were covered with hair its arms drooped around the knee area

Other Notes:    We noticed many odd formations made from sticks and stones along the course in the woods and the smell was rampid also.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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