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DATE:    October 1969

TIME:     11:30 pm

LOCATION:   Livingston County, Kentucky

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    Driving home from a friend's house on a graveled road.  I observed a dull white colored creature walking upright on 2 legs.  The creature was approx. 4 feet tall and completely covered with light colored( almost white hair). I was within 25 feet of it and it's head and face was almost human like.  It walked upright and held it's front legs or arms out in front. It crossed the road if front of my truck and continued into the woods.

I spoke to a local resident who claimed to have seen the same creature on at least 3 different occasions on her farm.  I cannot give the exact date, but I do remember it was in Oct. of 1969.

Activities of Witness:   Driving home from a friend's house

Description of Creature:  4 feet tall.  white or dull white hair all over.  walked upright. head looked human like.

Other Notes:    This happened many years ago, but my memory of the event is still vivid.  I have not told very many people about this.  I happened onto your web site and thought maybe you can shed some light on the subject.  I'd really like to know what it was that I saw that night.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no further information to add to this report.

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