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DATE:    September 1985

TIME:     9:30 to 10:00 PM

LOCATION:   Scott County, Kentucky

TERRAIN:    Wooded

OBSERVED:    A tall (about 8 or 9 feet), dark, hairy man-like thing. Arms were longer than any mans I've ever seen. Did not have on any clothing  Its eyes glowed like a cats in the headlights. And there was a strong, indescribable odor in the air. It literally walked over a 6 foot fence without using arms or hands like it was just a step or something. It seemed so unreal.

Activities of Witness:   We, (my dad, brother, sister-in-law, and myself) were driving home at night, approximately 9:30 or 10:00 pm summertime. We were all froze from fright. Not knowing what we just saw.

Description of Creature:  I remember the eyes glowing like cats eyes in the headlights.
A big, tall, hairy man-like creature was walking across the road. The road has a hill, we were driving downhill and where the hill starts to go back up is where we saw this thing. There is a school on one side of the road and woods on the other side. His arms were exceptionally long. It was in no hurry even though it saw us. It was like it just walked over a 6 foot fence, across the road, then when it saw us it stopped a second and turned its head to look at us, its eyes glowing like cats eyes in the headlights, then proceeded to walk across the road and walked over another 6 foot fence and disappeared into the night.  Just before we saw this thing, I remember my sister-in-law asking who farted. But everyone denied doing it and in my family everyone is proud of their smelly bodily functions so I know it had to be an odor from this thing.  We did not hear any weird sounds and it did not threaten us in any way nor did we to it. It was just a frightening situation to see something so unreal.

Other Notes:    N/A

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.

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