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DATE:    March 29, 2007 

TIME:     1:30 am 

LOCATION:   Simpson County, Kentucky 

TERRAIN:    Farm/Wooded area 

OBSERVED:    It was a large, white, hairy, clawed, and horned type gorilla. It had four large fangs. When seen, it was sleeping in our back yard, snoring. We ran in the house. There have been several encounters with this thing. This one happened last night and we decided to look up strange animals or Yeti in America. It took no time, actually about three seconds to find your site. There have been many strange noises as of late outside at night. Horses and donkeys are being taken down and ripped apart and screaming. We are thinking of putting bars on the windows or at least moving. We hear horrific screams outside at night and they continually awake us in the night. It sounds like animals are being tortured to death. Our dog continuously barks and fights it in the night. He comes home bloody.

Activities of Witness:   It was our back yard and we thought that one of our goats had gotten out of the fence. When the kids pulled back some entwined branches, they found this thing. 

Description of Creature:  The first sighting was back in August of 2006. Our children thought that one of our goats had gotten out of the fence and went to get it. They came running inside terrified about what they had seen. They saw a white, long haired, horned, sharp nailed creature. They said that it looked like a white gorilla with a smashed face. It was in a crouched position like it was sleeping. It had shoulders much larger than a mans', very muscular and big boned. It's hind legs were shorter but just as strong. It had four canine teeth that stuck out of its mouth even when closed. It didn't have normal gorilla fingers or toes. It had nubby like fingers and toes with claws. It looked like it could have easily weighed 500 lb.. It was lying down but, from the rear to the head was about 5 foot. If it stood, it would would have been much larger. It was sleeping with it's arms crossed like when school children put their heads on their desks.

Other Notes:    We are seriously considering moving. This thing terrifies us every other night.

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