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DATE:    09/25/13 

TIME:     6:25 am 

LOCATION:   Calcasieu Parrish, Louisiana 

TERRAIN:    Open grassy area with no obstruction of view, near the Sabine River Bridge, near the Sabine Swamp 

OBSERVED:    Early in the morning as I drove east on I-10 figures moving caught my attention moving along the interstate down in the ditch that runs along the fence line on the side of the interstate. As I approached I slowed because I thought they were people in need of assistance. I looked for a vehicle I thought they were walking from, however there were no vehicles in front of me or behind me on the shoulder.I then wondered what are those people looking for down in the ditch. As I drew closer I realized they were not looking for anything but were just walking down along the tree line between the shoulder and the grassy area that runs parallel to I-10. They were not on the Interstate shoulder, but were in the grassy area between the Interstate shoulder and the small tree line that runs parallel the interstate.They were no more than approximately 35/40 ft away from where I passed. I then tried to rationalize that these were som vagrants that had stayed in the swamp all night and were coming up to the Interstate to walk to the nearest town. As I got to the clearest view of the figures, I noticed they were very unkempt. My first impression was (being a child of the 70's),they had really long scraggly hair on their heads, like hippies.Then I noticed they were not clothed but instead their bodies were coverd in dark hair, dark brown. As I drove past I started to stop but continued to drive east  thinking I could exit and turn around at the Toomey/Starks exit and come back to them.I realized on going on they would be gone by the time I did this.There were three of them. As I have gone over this many times and replayed it in my mind it appeared to be a family. The smaller one was walking between the taller one who was the largest and in the rear of the group and the next tallest one who was in front of the group as they walked down toward the fence line, I think to enter back into the woods/swamp.I saw what was humanoid figures, walking upright, but they were not people, though they walked straight upright like humans would. As I have gone back over this many times, it only seems they were what we call in this area Bigfoot.It was not something that suprised me because there have been reports of sounds, footprints, and other bigfoot seen in this area all my life.On my way home from work that evening, I exited at the Sabine River turnaround and went back east to where I saw the figures that morning thinking I might find some evidence of what I saw. I looked for footprints, but it had been unseasonalby dry and there was not hope of any impressions in the ground. I looked for fur on the small trees in areas I thought they may have entered back into the marsh/swamp/woods, but found none.I say for a certainty that what I saw was not regular folk.

Additional Things:    I observed the larger one was steadying the smaller one as they walked down toward the tree line, like a dad would their child to insure the smaller one had sure footing.  

Activities of Witness:   Driving east on Interstate 10 on the way to work  

Description of Creature:  All were walking upright in a line one behind the other. It appeared the second tallest one was moving ahead of the group in front of the smallest one like a mother would to insure a safe path and the largest one was in the rear keeping the group secure like a father would.They were tall, covered long dark brown hair.They were sideways to my position walking down toward the tree line angled away from me, so, I could not see their faces. 

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