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DATE:    05/20/1963  

TIME:     10 am  

LOCATION:   Desoto Parish, Louisiana  

TERRAIN:    Swampy  

OBSERVED:    Let me start by saying, where this took place is no longer there.
I was an young boy and my father would take me on camping trips, to very remote places and show me how to make do with almost nothing for a few weeks at a time when he could get away from work.

The area was along the sabine river bottoms now covered by toledo bend lake.

When ever we went on these camping trips we both always had a gun with us and never went for without it with us.

Our camp was along and old small lake at the end of a dead end dirt road twenty miles or so from the closest paved road and maybe another twenty to thirty miles from a small town.

On  that morning I went for a wake along the lake edge to see if I could shoot anything to add to the pot for that nights supper. It was hot and windy and the lake edge was so thick with under growth i could not get through so i went deeper into the woods hoping to find better walking.

I had been gone for an hour or two and new I needed to head back to camp before My dad became worried. At that time there was wild hogs a few bear and wolfs known to be in those bottoms and some undeveloped settlements of very back word people.
No roads or trails in or out of those settlements no elect. or running water. Some where rumored to have been started by outlaws running from the law.

Now on my way back I did not want to admit I might have been just a little lost but I kept saying I would find my way in just a few more min. lol. Now after maybe a half hour or so and nothing looked any diff. and no sign I was getting closer to camp something strange happened, I started to hear something moving ahead of me breaking some load limbs. So thinking it could be some wild hogs I quietly turned and started off in a new direction.
This same type thing happened a few more times and in just a little while I started to know where I was and that camp was only a couple hundred yards ahead. I heard one more sound and it was just 50 to 100 feet away, there was a thick cedar tree between me and the sound but I searched hard to see what was making the noise. I just could not see what was there so I took a few steps toward the tree.
I heard the limbs move and thought oh a squirrel or bird.
when I looked up close to the top of the tree 8 to 10 feet above the ground, There was a face looking at me It did not look scary or mean it had no expression at all.
The face was covered with hair and the hands and arms that had move the tree to look at me where covered with hair. We just set and stared at each other until there was a noise back at camp.
I looked away for just a second and when I looked back It was gone without a sound without moving a limb or bush.

When I made it back to camp and told my Dad what happened he said I was lucky It must have been one of the people from those lost settlements that pushed me back to camp and said they could have killed me just as easy. Well I know what I saw and It may have been human but it was not like any I have ever seen or heard of. I truly believe it was a bigfoot by any name you choose to call him, and He guided me back to camp so quiet possibly I owe my life to him. Now remember I had a gun and yet
I never thought of pointing it toward my ancient relative.

My thoughts for what they are worth is bigfoot is a human as they are diff. races black white and yellow, he is just a hairy man who has chosen to live without the pressure of keeping up with the jones. He has no wants, needs no clothes an lives off what the lord puts before him. He may even know when people are thinking of him and sense danger. That is why people who have a blank mind and no desire to harm anything are most times the ones who see them.

And as with all men you will have some who fit in and don't make waves and others who are a little wilder. 

Additional Info:    N/A
Activities of Witness:    Camping

Description of Creature:  Human shape but 8 to 10 feet tall covered with dark gray hair with red tint very broad maybe close to as wide as two big men 

Other Notes:    N/A

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes:    N/A

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